Blue Lake

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One Pikmin
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Blue Lake is a location that appears in One Pikmin. As it's name says, it is large, pure blue lake. It is also an important location in the game.


Blue Lake is a giant lake where the end cannot be seen. It has a river flowing out the east side of it, and that river is called the Great River. The area around the lake is a pure white beach and a jungle surrounding the beach. A mountain range near the end of the lake separates it from the Desert of Death. On one of the beaches is a friendly Bulborb village.

Friendly Bulborb Village Shop

  • Healing items can be bought for 15 SD each.
  • Wollywog skin armour can be bought for 30 SD each.
  • Leaf Spears can be bought for 25 SD each.

Enemies Encountered