Bulbear Kingdom

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Pikmin: New World
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Is a large cave in the Enveloping Garden and the fourth cave available. It is on the second path there and is directly after the large cross in the path. The entire area is covered in a massive cloud of thick, smoggy poison gas produced by a huge congregation of poison pipes all aligned in a spiral (The largest amount in the game). At the center of all of this is the entrance to the Bulbear Kingdom. The poison pipes must all be destroyed before it becomes accessable. Strangely, its enemies are almost all some variation of bulbear, as its name would suggest. White Pikmin are needed to be discovered before it is explored. There is a new boss at the end of this relatively hard cave.


Ship's comments

Aaaauuugh! What is that infernal uproar?! My auditory sensors are overloading due to the enormous racket produced by something deep inside that cave! All of the groaning and roaring noises that I am picking up would indicate that there is some very big and grouchy creature down there. I don't suppose I'd want to find out what it is. Lead the way!


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Poison
  • Rock Slides
  • Bomb Rocks
  • Hot Tar



  • Clover
  • Ivy


  • Hermit's Hut
  • Crab Mimic
  • Parasite Mansion
  • Disorientating Firebomb
  • Scented Dynamite
  • Fried Ovum
  • Vegetal Ladder
  • Diamond Rest
  • Frozen Leap
  • Time Warp
  • Sucker Head
  • Seed Bladder
  • Solid Juice
  • Icestick
  • Golden Gift
  • Fingertip Egg
  • Copper Currency
  • Sagging Heap
  • Cosmic Rider
  • Tine Quartet
  • Wicked Luminosity
  • Demonic Enbodiment
  • Forelorn Horn
  • Reminessing Machinary
  • Eiffel Spire
  • Twisted Musical
  • Useless Slob
  • Male Fluffball
  • Ebony Barrage
  • Storm Shooter
  • Regiment Horn
  • Dinosaur Dessert
  • Maggot Buffet
  • Breakthrough
  • Rubber Donut
  • Mushroom Copy
  • Broken Onion
  • Throwing U.F.O.
  • Organic Battery
  • Giant Cell
  • Crysal Prism
  • Pastry Nugget
  • Rebounding Braces (Dropped by Imperial Bulbear)