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Family Fryid

The Pyra is a species of fryid that constantly generates hot embers.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Pyra The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Oxidizon plasmigna
Family Fryid
Attacks Burns Pikmin

The Pyra is an enemy that first appears in Pikmin: New World. It is a fiery entity with a crustacean-like body. Its body appears to be a rounded structure with four crab-like legs. In its center, there is a large flame that nearly engulfs its entire body. This flame takes on a very vaguely humanoid shape, with two apparent arms, a head, a body, and even two blue eye-like circles. It has a body structure very similar to an Onion's, from its round shape to its four, stilt-like legs. The creature is normally fairly immobile, simply standing on its legs and staring around with its eye-like orbs. Sometimes it is seen moving about rather slowly but not normally. It is enormous, as wide as a Spotty Bulbear and towering almost as high as the Titan Dweevil, making it one of the very biggest of all non-boss enemies. It has a unique way of attacking: it stays in one place and rotates its flaming head-like organ around to spot a Pikmin group. It constantly emits blue, fiery embers that will slowly fall to the ground around it. This makes its territory surrounded by a large black ring from burn marks left behind by these embers hitting the ground, burning all but Red Pikmin. The blue embers will only fall slowly but the green embers will home in on certain Pikmin and their groups. Each ember has the maximum potential to burn and kill three Pikmin at once. If the Pyra manages to spot Pikmin, it will make a deep sound and then begin emitting tons of embers of all colors, including purple ones that will home in on the leaders. Even if the leaders are already protected by the Burn Shield, the purple embers will still knock them over but won't do any damage to them. These troublesome creatures are best avoided but often have cargo beneath them, necessitating a fight.

Go with a team of Red Pikmin and throw them directly at its face. This should take it down rather quickly. If there are no or not enough Red Pikmin available at the moment, either Olive Pikmin or Purple Pikmin should be used and the Pyra snuck up on from behind with them. Make sure no Pikmin gets burnt on the way as burning Pikmin can rush in front of the creature and alert it to the presence of leaders or Pikmin. As soon as the leader is within range, throw every Pikmin possible onto the sides of the creature's base. This will send it rocking back and forth briefly, during which it can not spew any more embers. During this time it is completely vulnerable to Pikmin attacks, though not very much damage can be done to the base and this action will probably have to be repeated several times, inevitably with some Pikmin deaths due to the flames. Another option is to sneak underneath its body without it noticing and throw a Purple Pikmin directly up at its underside. This will cause the entire body to go up in the air for a second, stunning the creature up on top. This is the only possible way to stun this creature. Stunning it will make its fire partially diminish as well as stop producing multicolored embers, making it both very easy to avoid physical contact between the fire and the Pikmin as well as quick to kill it. This battle is also made a great lot easier with the Muffle Flute upgrade at hand due to the fact that Pikmin will often get burned in this battle. As soon as it reaches zero health, the flame will disappear entirely into the body and it will stumble about blindly for a while in a very similar fashion to that of a dweevil or Man-at-Legs, except much slower and with a stumbling gait, sometimes even falling off of the edge of a cliff. As soon as it starts walking, quickly throw Pikmin at it and bring it down fast. It will fold up into a saucer shape. When this happens, quickly have Pikmin carry it back to the Dolphin Pod, or else it will start back up again in another place on the sublevel. There is absolutely no possible way to swarm this enemy.


Olimar's notes

The Fryid's large, crustacean-like body is actually not where most of its vital organs are. Instead, the towering flame atop its body is where most of its internal works are protected. Suspended in plasma are its heart and its entire respiratory system, nervous system, auditory system, and visual organs. These are in the form of two floating, blue spheres with a heat-proof layer on their outer shell. The Fryid uses its sight organs to spot attackers so that it may fire a barrage of super-heated balls of bodily oils to repel them. Strangely, the purpose of its body may actually be simply to serve as an incubator for its larvae, much analogous to a Pikmin Onion.

Louie's notes

Don't bother cooking it when this creature can cook your food for you! It's easy to feed and saves money that could have been utterly wasted on gas for the barbecue! Also, the multicolored fiery grease balls that occasionally shower down from its body make the perfect toppings for any type of steak or fillet and can create marvelous cider. Useful for making meat sauce and gravy as well.

Sagittarius's notes

Despite its seemingly dangerous flame, this creature is actually highly useful around the house. It can be used as a barbecue or stove as well as a furnace to keep the house warm, which saves money and electricity. It can also be used as a relaxing fire to sleep by. The main problem is its constant spewing of embers, which will burn whatever they touch. Specimens used as pets must be fixed so that they will not emit these embers.

Libra's notes

The majority of this creature's body is actually covered in flame, making any attempts to wear any clothing manufactured from this species result in the wearer catching fire. If attending a fashion show with this on always keep a fire extinguisher close at hand. Thankfully, I have even created portable and stylish extinguisher tanks which perfectly match the outfit.