Bulborb Colosseum

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Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik
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Bulborb Colosseum
Location Frigid Springs
Sublevels 6
Treasures 10
Hazards Fire

This is the easiest of the Frigid Springs' caves, for there are only hazards, of which, you already have pikmin to destroy. It is a snow-covered cave that looks like a sand castle, except made of snow.



  • King's Crown
  • Jewel of Pride
  • Jewel of Sympathy
  • Jewel of Rage
  • Sugar Rush
  • Delectable Morsel
  • Sea Clapper
  • Sugary Spire
  • Anxious Sprout
  • Fire Shield MAIN CARGO

~Go Gamer! (DaGamesta)