Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik

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Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
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Yet another fanon game by User:DaGamesta. This takes place about 5 years after the events of Pikmin: The Final Frontier, which were not so final.


5 years have passed since Olimar's last adventure. Hocotate Freight is a bigger company than ever before. Unfortunately, something goes wrong. A grub-dog-like creature that was a pet of an employee goes on a rampage and starts chewing wires and important circuitry. The pet happens to bite into several objects before biting into an oil tank. All the bitten wires and flammable liquids on the floor would cause the Hocotate Freight to go up in flames. So, Olimar and his new co-workers, Zaria, Nevel, and Vinny run into a spaceship, known as the Hocotate Cargo-Loader 167 and escape to the Pikmin Planet as the company sets on fire. However, ships of fellow escapees are too heavy because of the cargo they hold. So the rest of the Hocotations must drop the cargo into the Pikmin Planet to keep soaring. Now, Olimar and his co-workers must receive the valuable cargo so the company can afford to fix the damages.


Returning Pikmin

New Pikmin

New Features

  • Zaria's notes
  • Nevel's notes
  • Olimar's kids are now teenagers. When they send messages to their father, they will often act like stereotypical teens and will look more grown-up.
  • Projectile hazards
  • Targeting System- Displays the name and a brief summary of the selected creature.


Treasures in Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik are known as cargo.

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