Frigid Springs

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Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
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Frigid Springs
Location Bottom Left of World Map
Caves Bulborb Colosseum, Snagret Igloo, Emerald Complex, Frozen Well
Treasures 8
Hazards Water, Poison, Electricity, Slippery

The Frigid Springs is the second area in Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik. It seems to be the Valley of Repose from Pikmin 2, but with more water and hot springs. Scarlet Pikmin and Blue Pikmin are found here. A bit of the water in this area is Deep Water, which 3 peices of the cargo are found in.