Cacti Garden

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Pikoblitz: Raging Winds
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikoblitz: Raging Winds, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.

The Cacti Garden is the first area encountered in Pikoblitz: Raging Winds. It is a hot hodgepodge of sand, plains and forest, for this area is a wooded field with a desert located behind the Hospitality Cavern. The main plant in this area is the Cactus. Red Pikmin, White Pikmin and Black Pikmin are found here. There are 7 treasures to be found.

Subarea 1: Forest #1

The main forest area with some cacti planted in piles of sand located within the subarea. The Hospitality Cavern is located here.


Subarea 2: The Desert

Self explanitory, a desert with cactuses.


Subarea 3: The Lake

Past a second desert, a Small patch of grass with a small body of water rests above subarea 4. The Buried Shore is located here.


Subarea 4: Forest #2

This is the farthest subarea from the landing site. The Dwebber Den is found here.


Area Wildlife