Pikoblitz: Raging Winds

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Pikoblitz: Raging Winds
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Pikoblitz: Raging Winds is the conclusion to the pikoblitz series. This game contains enemies, areas and caves, old and new. This game is very similar to Its prequels, Pikoblitz and Pikoblitz 2.


It is a few months after Pikoblitz 2 took place. The President is having an impromptu party at his summer beach house to celebrate the success of the company. Olimar is talking to Herb, Louie is grilling, and even The President's wife and Olimar's wife are there. Then suddenly, a rampaging gust of wind strikes the happy scene, and almost everything except the beach house itself and the The Ship, which is conveniently parked nearby, are blown away. Even the shingles of the President;s summer home are claimed victim to the winds. To investigate the cause of these winds and survive, Olimar, Herb, and Olimar's wife (Everyone else is blown away) get into the ship and lift off toward the Pikmin Planet. Once in the planet's atmosphere, the cockpit which Olimar's wife is staying in flings open and she is flung from the ship. Olimar's turns to sees this and turns around in shock, when the ship crashes, although the ship is alright. Now, to add to his worries, Olimar must find his spouse, which fell miles away, with the help of Herb.

Playable Characters

Returning Pikmin

New Pikmin


  • Fire
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Poison
  • Acid
  • Ice
  • Sticky
  • Darkness (Not displayed when dungeon is approached)
  • Explosions (Not displayed when dungeon is approached)


This game has 6 areas and 19 caves.

Cacti Garden

Tranquility Garden

Riverside Cliffs

Forgotten Bogland

Remorse Plateau

Forsaken Forest