Cave of Origin

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Gold! Silver! Bronze!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze, a fanon game created by GoldPikPik.
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The Cave of Origin is where Bronze Pikmin (the leaf stage of Silver Pikmin and Gold Pikmin) can be mined. It is also one of the areas of Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze. This gorgeous cave holds many objects of beauty- but also many of danger. It holds many beginnings- but also an equal amount of ends. Be warned, watch your back and remember, things are not always what they seem.


The Cave has three floors:

Floor 1

This floor hides the beautiful -yet deadly- Pool of Sapphire. The pool is shrouded by emerald trees. But be warned- this level also holds the first monster you meet in the game, the Jade Bulborb. This is the level where you first drop in while looking for the young yellow pikmin. The first element crystals are also on this floor... these crystals are a mysterious source of power that can unlock certain Pikmin's hidden power...

Floor 2

The second set of element crystals are here...

Floor 3

The long abandoned Lost Pikmin Village is concealed on this floor. The third and final set of element crystals are located here.

Floor 4

This is a legendary floor among the Pikmin of the Cave, it is rumored that a Crystal Pikmin lives on the famed floor. I'm sure its just a rumor...