Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze

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Gold! Silver! Bronze!
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze, a fanon game created by GoldPikPik.
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Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze
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Creator GoldPikPik
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Pikmin: Gold/Silver/Bronze is a fanon game created by GoldPikPik. The majority of the game takes place in the underworld.


A group of Yellow Pikmin are fighting a Bulborb. Suddenly, one of the younger Pikmin falls into a hole that had been hidden in a bush. Another Pikmin jumps in to save her and discovers that the hole leads to a cave full of gold, silver, and bronze. As the two marvel at its splendor, a Jade Bulborb jumps out of the ground. After fighting the strange new bulborb and other new creatures, they notice that there are Pikmin-like visages encased in the bronze. As they go to investigate, the bronze begins to glow and a Bronze Pikmin emerges. The new Pikmin explains that he and his family were encased in the bronze of the cave by an evil force. The Bronze Pikmin then brings them to the famed Lost Pikmin Village. He explains that because of the evil that encased the Pikmin the Village was abandoned. After mining several Gold Pikmin, Silver Pikmin, and more Bronze Pikmin, the Yellow Pikmin leads them to the Pikmin Village. All of the Pikmin band together and vow that they will stop the evil force that trapped them. The Pikmin try to contact Olimar, but he is away on a mission, so they instead enlist the help of his daughter.

Alternate game modes

  • Challenge Mode: unlocked by completing Story Mode and accessed from the main menu through a button labeled "Challenge". It is Story Mode, but much more difficult.
  • 2-Player Mode: two players compete against one another to win. There are three minigames:
    • The first has each player mine as many Pikmin as possible before time runs out. The player who mined the most Pikmin wins.
    • The second has each player race to the Distant Planet in a spaceship, collecting boosters for bursts of speed and coins to decide who wins in a tie. The female character uses Olimar's daughter's ship, while the male character uses Olimar's.
    • The third minigame is the only one that must be unlocked, and that is by defeating three different kinds of enemies in Story Mode. Both players face off against one another with one Pikmin type of their choosing, not including the Crystal Pikmin that sometimes fall from the sky after having unlocked them in the first place. The first character to be knocked out loses.



All of the original five Pikmin, plus:




The names of bosses are displayed in italics, and names of those important to the storyline are displayed in bold.