Clam Town

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Clam Town is the starting town in all three games in the Advanced Trilogy. It is were Telekeniki, Cheeko, Eclipse and the Mayor live. The town was settled shortly after the events of Pikmin 2. It was the Impact Site when Olimar landed in the original Pikmin.


Clam Town is a rather small farming town. There are five small wood huts (belonging to Telekeniki, Cheeko, Eclipse, and two other unnamed residents). There is also a town meeting hall in a giant tree stump. This is where the mayor of Clam Town lives. North of the village is three clams, which act as prisons (as Olimar killed the clams on his first visit). To the south is the Forest of Hope.

Places of Intrest

  • Telekeniki's House
  • The Mayor's Office
  • Cheeko's House
  • Eclipse's House