Pikmin: The Book of Spells

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Pikmin: The Book of Spells
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Book of Spells, a fanon game created by Lazer.
Pikmin: The Book of Spells
Rating Unknown
Genre Unknown
Platforms Unknown
Media Unknown
Prequel Pikmin: The Advanced Times
Sequel Pikmin: The Last Descendant
Creator Lazer

Pikmin: The Book of Spells is the second game in the Advanced Trilogy. Like its predecessor, this game features Telekeniki and his friend Cheeko.


Two years after the events of Pikmin: The Advanced Times, Telekeniki and Cheeko are called to visit the Mayor. He tells the two that there is much unnatural commotion and wants them to investigate it. Cheeko asks for more information, and the Mayor tells the duo that the phenomenon is called the Book of Spells, which can cast spells, and is highly sought after for the ability it grants to travel to the past, present, and future, which is coincidentally where all three parts of the book are. Telekeniki and Cheeko head out to find all the parts before they fall into the wrong hands.


The gameplay is very much the same as Pikmin: The Advanced Times, but with the addition of the Book of Spells. Once found, spells can be cast by using energy from spell pellets, found by killing enemies.