Dark Den (Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet)

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This means War!
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For other locations with the same name, see Dark Den.
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Dark Den is the fourteenth cave in Pikmin: The War of the Pikmin Planet. It is also the second Dark Cave.

Sublevel 1


Smokgrubs of all kinds and a Virus Burrow-nit are located on sublevel 1. Take them out with caution.

Sublevel 2


Many, many small bugs called Ujadani inhabit this sublevel. They can be defeated easily, but they may poison your Pikmin. Once every one of the swarm is defeated, the hole opens.

Sublevel 3


The shadow grub-dogs on this sublevel should be handled with care. The Smoky Bulborb drops from the sky, and it has the key.

Sublevel 4

This sublevl is a long, narrow corridor. A giant boulder is at the back of the corridor. If you move at all, the boulder starts rolling toward you! You must run down the path and reach the hole before its too late!

Sublevel 5

Thankfully, this is a rest sublevel. Ivory, Garnet, and Crimson Candypop Buds will help.

Sublevel 6


A Moldy Breadbug has the key. These bugs are nearly indestructible, but bomb-rocks will defeat them. Have your Orange Pikmin grab some and throw them at the Moldy Breadbug. If it is hit enough, it will die and leave the key behind.

Sublevel 7


  • Swarm Ujadani x100
  • Smoky Bulborb x2

Like sublevel 2, Ujadani swarm the sublevel. However, this time they will wake up a Smoky Bulborb, which will chase you. Defeat it to get the key.

Sublevel 8 (Final Floor)


The sublevel is identical to the last sublevel of the Dark Cave. This time, however, a dark, ferocious Snagret called the Smogret is the boss. It fights almost the same as a Burrowing Snagret, but it can spit out dangerous smoke from its mouth. Once its health is low, it will get enraged, and it can now slam its head down on your team, crushing them. Once it is defeated, it faints, and melts into the ground, never to be seen again...