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Family Aerasite

The Dytweezer is a species of aerasite that at least somewhat resembles a bird or pterodactyl and can fly.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Dytweezer The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Dsungaripteryx tweezoris
Family Aerasite
Caves Domain of Hisses, Arboreal Complex
Attacks Eats and depetals Pikmin, causes panic, explodes

The Dytweezer is a very large pterodactyl-like enemy that appears in Pikmin: New World. It has an enormous upturned beak with several small peg-like teeth at the end. Its orange beak has a toucan-like series of rainbow-colored stripes at its tip. It has a comparatively small vulture-like head with tiny yellow eyes and pink skin. It also has a small, beet-red crest on the end of its head. It has a vaguely heart-shaped pale yellow crest of feathers around its neck, a round, black body, two long yellow legs with clawed feet, and two massive wings that are twice the size of its tiny body. The wings are connected to the legs by a membrane of skin and blue and scarlet red stripes connect the arms with its feet. There are three clawed fingers on its wings and an extra-long fourth finger that supports the rest of its wings. It also has a long, stiff tail that sticks out directly behind it and has a large tip resembling a spade on a playing card. It also has a dark magenta tongue in its mouth.

Fighting this creature can be difficult as it never lands on the ground and is often hiding in darkness or out of view. When it swoops down and into view, it will cause all of the Pikmin to panic and begin to run away from it. It will begin to chase the Pikmin into walls, corners, or dead ends. It then opens up its oversized beak and pinches all of the Pikmin in between its tweezer-like ends and then swallows them whole. It can get up to six Pikmin at a time this way, and it can attack in rapid succession. Once there are no more panicking Pikmin to pick off or any Pikmin that haven't already run away, the creature will return to its normal flight pattern. When it is killed it will automatically jump up into the air with one of its wings ablaze. This will cause it to fly around in a spiral leaving behind a smoke trail until it hits a solid surface and then explode, leaving three pellets and possibly other loot behind.

After the Dytweezer makes Pikmin panic, whistle them so they return to a leader's side. Throw Pikmin onto its rounded abdomen and wings. The creature will try to knock them off with a powerful beat of its wings not long after Pikmin have landed on it. If they are tossed onto the Dytweezer fast enough, they will weigh the creature down so that it falls down onto the ground where a Pikmin squad can easily swarm it. It will attempt to get back up in the air by first standing up on its two back legs and then spreading its wings out wide. When it does this, whistle the Pikmin off of it because it is a sign that it will beat its wings with a force that creates large amounts of wind that will send Pikmin flying far and knock over leaders. Also, any Pikmin close enough or on it will be deflowered by the wind. Be sure that no Pikmin are anywhere near it and then repeat the process again. Keep Pikmin far away from it during its death animation as they could easily get caught up in its death explosion, killing them.


Olimar's notes

An absolutely enormous beak with upturned ends and small, peg-like teeth make this flying beast ideal for picking out small prey from cracks and crevices. This function makes Pikmin immediately vulnerable, causing them to panic upon sight of it. It may actually be an ancient predator of Pikmin, which is why they flee from it so desperately. Sadly, all aerasite specimens seem to explode spectacularly upon impact with a solid surface at death, disallowing them to be collected and studied.

Louie's notes

Dump fresh fireball dumple chili sauce in with a fresh anode beetle abdomen. Add lettuce, pickles, onions, carrot, and bread crumbs as well. Wrap this beast's massive wing skin around and around it until it is in a loaf-like shape. Deep fry and serve still hot with the optional side dish of tacos.

Sagittarius' notes

This creature hates being indoors and is prone to breaking things by flying about with its massive wingspan fully stretched out and knocking down household appliances and furniture. This creature also has a habit of crashing into things and then spontaneously combusting. The resulting explosion could knock the entire house down, which is why this airborne beast should probably be kept outdoors.

Libra's notes

Its extravagant and exotic plumage is great for making a colorful hat and is also great with pineapple or banana on top. It can allow you to be in paradise in your own neighborhood!

In Pikoblitz 2

Pikoblitz 2
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikoblitz 2, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
Dytweezer The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Attacks Eats Pikmin

In Pikoblitz 2, the Dytweezer resembles the head of a Burrowing Snagret, although with small wings, a short, large, cone-shaped beak, and a couple of tail feathers. It can eat a maximum of five Pikmin at a time and has little vitality.