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Pikoblitz 2
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikoblitz 2, a fanon game created by DaGamesta.
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Pikoblitz 2 is the non-canon sequel to the non-canon game Pikoblitz. It is intended to have the same difficulty as its prequel, yet a bit different. The objective is to obtain Pikmin points. These are somewhat like Pokos, except not a currency but an energy source. This game is more like Pikmin 1 than Pikmin 2, however, there are caves in each area. 1 new Pikmin type is introduced in this game, and all other Pikmin, including Green Pikmin and Cyan Pikmin are back to join you again.


Basically, it is quite simple. On Hocotate, Olimar's home planet, the President needs Olimar, Louie and Herb, a new employee, to embark on a final journey to find treasure. However, once you land in the Remorse Plateau, something goes terribly wrong. Louie was supposed to refuel the Ship, and he forgot. They cannot lift off until they find something to refuel the ship, when, all of a sudden they see... a treasure. In this game, they are called items. In order to make the ship lift off into another area, you must collect a certain amount of Pikmin points. Above ground, Olimar will give a description of each item found, just like in Pikmin 1. Once you collect 10,000 Pikmin Points, you can lift off back to Hocotate, where the President will have the Ship refueled, and you may access a new and difficult area. Here, Herb goes missing, and is actually eaten by the final boss of the game.





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Basically, the graphics of the game are similar to those in New Play Control! Pikmin. You can now have 3 captains on the same field or in the same cave. Also, Pikmin can be thrown a little farther like in Pikmin 1. Also, an upgrade to detect nearby treasures (or items, in this case) is not present in this game. This is because instead, there is an item detector, which allows you to find goods like in Pikmin 2, except it will be there at the start. The "Item Detector" will be at the bottom right corner of the screen, next left of the Pikmin number counts displays.