Fiery Gameboard

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Pikmin Adventures
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Adventures, a fanon game created by PikminFan145.
Fiery Gameboard The icon used to represent this treasure.
Fiery Gameboard.jpg
Number Unknown
Series Unknown
Weight 10
Maximum carriers 15
Location Starter Cave

The Fiery Gameboard is a treasure in Pikmin Adventures. It is a Pokémon Ruby cartridge that is on the first sublevel of the Starter Cave. It is combined with the other two treasures in the Starter Cave to formulate the Piklopedia 2.0. Furthermore, the Fiery Gameboard can be carried by a minimum of ten Pikmin and a maximum of fifteen at once.


Olimar's notes

This incredible piece of hardware radiates with nostalgia, not mine, but someone else's.

Sale's pitch

It's dynamic, it's blazing with red! It will surely be appreciated by someone.