Pikmin Adventures

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Pikmin Adventures
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Adventures, a fanon game created by PikminFan145.
For games with similar names, see Pikmin Adventure.
Pikmin Adventures
Rating E10+
Genre Real-time strategy
Platforms Wii
Media Optical disk, digital download
Prequel Pikmin 2
Creator PikminFan145

Pikmin Adventures is a Pikmin fangame created by PikminFan145 and released for the Wii.


After the events of Pikmin 2, Olimar and Louie return to planet Hocotate with their hoard of treasures, and business at Hocotate Freight takes off. The President, overwhelmed with the surge of business, decides to hire several employees to go back to the Pikmin Planet to gather all the remaining treasures and some live specimens. A rival freight company hears this news and decides to work with Hocotate Freight to bring back treasures from the Pikmin Planet. When Hocotate Freight's ship flies off towards the Pikmin Planet, the rival company goes closer to the ship, but an asteroid speeds towards the two ships, making them fall back to the planet. A distress signal is sent back to Hocotate Freight for help. The President quickly orders Olimar to rescue the employees and treasures, rebuild their ship, and come back, but with the new interest in Hocotate Freight, he can't send his only few employees, so he asks Olimar to take his son instead of Louie. Olimar agrees, although unwillingly. So now, Olimar and his son, Sagittarius, fly off to the Pikmin Planet to recover the five employees, fifteen ship parts, and fifty treasures that all are missing. How will they complete such a staggering task? Using Olimar's friends, the Pikmin.

After the main story is completed, Olimar returns home with his son and the other employees to find the President in the middle of a phone call with the rival company. Enraged, he explains how the rival company says they claimed the Pikmin Planet as their property and there's nothing he can do. He orders Olimar, Sagittarius, and Louie to go back to the planet to stop them, and also says he will come along so he can deal with them too. And so, all four leaders return to the Pikmin Planet to reclaim the planet.


Game modes

  • Challenge Mode: comparable to the Challenge Mode of Pikmin 2, but with different caves and enemies.
  • Co-op Mode: allows playing Story Mode with a second player. To unlock it, the Friend Sharer treasure must be obtained.
  • 4-Player Mode: allows playing the postgame content with up to four players. Collecting the Peculiar Linker unlocks this mode.
  • Advanced mode: relive Story Mode, but at night and with more enemies and challenges. Nights are as long as standard days.



Original Pikmin

New Pikmin


Four areas are available to visit.

After the main story is completed, two more areas are unlocked.


Each area has two caves.


The following enemies are new:



See: Treasure

Ship parts

See: Vehicle part


See: Spray


  • Wiimote A.png – throw Pikmin
  • Wiimote B.png – whistle
  • Wiimote Icon.png – aim cursor
  • Nunchuck C.png – dimiss Pikmin
  • Wiimote Dpad.png – use sprays
  • Nunchuk Z.png – reset camera
  • Wiimote 1.png – zoom camera in or out
  • Wiimote 2.png – lie down