Forest of Awakening

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Forest of Awakening is an area in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is a forest area on the east end of the mainland that perpetually seems to be in summer or springtime, as opposed to Frigid Forest far to the west. Although the area is home to many insects and other more dangerous creatures, it is nevertheless a major area inhabited by Pikmin varieties. Part of the area is actually the Awakening Wood from Pikmin 2, which is a pretty obvious hint judging from this area's title. There are no dangerous encounters in areas where Pikmin hold more influence, but the further you move away from large groups of Pikmin, the bigger threat you'll face from enemies. The Forest of Awakening is bordered to the south, north, and west by mountainous rock formations, but sea breezes still pass through the west and south walls due to a multitude of hollow openings in the rock. There are two ways to exit the area: by leaving the forest through the west end and entering the Southern Plains, or by following a small gap in the rock formations in the northeastern corner that leads to the Northeastern Coast.

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