Southern Plains

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
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Southern Plains is an area in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is a wide open field in the middle of several areas around the mainland: Snowy Outskirts is to the west, the Central Desert is on the north end, the Southern Desert lies on the south end, and the Forest of Awakening is to the east. The area serves mostly as a means of reaching these various locales, and it does not offer too many notable things itself. The terrain is mostly flat, although it rises on the north end to overlook the edge of the Central Desert valley. The west end of the Southern Plains have terrain which is somewhat less green due to the increasingly cold regions in that direction. The east end, however, is home to a little stream that sometimes forms an obstacle when attempting to reach the Forest of Awakening. Areas of long grass in the plains may be home to hostile enemies, and although avoiding them would be ideal, sometimes you've no choice but to trudge through the potentially dangerous thickets. Fortunately, much of the long grass can be climbed on, and by taking the high road through the grass you'll likely be safer. Creatures that roam the Southern Plains may travel in herds for defense, so unless you've got a powerful force you might want to hold off on any battling.

Key sections

  • Autumn Approach
  • Cliff Edge Village
  • Field
  • Southeast Stream