Heavy Weapons Legs

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Heavy Weapons Legs
Family Arachnorb

The Heavy Weapons Legs is a species of deadly, biomechanical arachnorb that annihilates its targets using heavy weapons.

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Cheepy-Cheepy's version

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Heavy Weapons Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Heavy Weapons Legs.jpg
Scientific name Unknown
Family Arachnorb
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Shoots Pikmin

The Heavy Weapons Legs is a species of biomechanical arachnorb that behaves similarly to and highly resembles a Man-at-Legs, but red, with a large, red ocular lens on its body, and welded to itself a machine gun and shotgun. It uses the machine gun to fire at distant targets with a steady barrage of bullets, and it uses the shotgun in close combat, with devastating results. Both weapons weigh the Heavy Weapons Legs down as it moves, and the creature can not walk around while using either weapon. The machine gun must be spun up before it is used, providing ample time to seek cover. Similarly, the shotgun must be prepared before it is used, providing a brief opportunity to flee, for any Pikmin that are caught in a shotgun blast will instantly die.

The weapons of the Heavy Weapons Legs can be damaged and eventually broken by having Pikmin attack them. Once a weapon is damaged to the point it begins smoking, there is a chance that it will malfunction and fail to operate when the Heavy Weapons Legs next uses it. When this happens, the arachnorb will groan in frustration and continue walking around. When a weapon is broken, it will fall off of the creature, causing it to emit a whine, and can be brought to the Research Pod for Pokos. When without any weapons to use against its attackers, it is harmless. Upon defeat, it will hiss loudly and release lots of thick, black smoke. After five seconds, it will explode, killing anything caught in the blast radius.