Hopeful Hole

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants, a fanon game created by Peach Bulborb.
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Hopeful Hole
Location Site of Redemption
Sublevels 3
Treasures Mottled Hide, Quad Charm, Luscious Crimson, Mark of Importance, Aroma Slab
Hazards Explosions, Acid, Fire

Hopeful Hole is a cave in Pikmin: Invasion of the Giants. It is located in the Site of Redemption. It has three sublevels, and it is supposed to be the first cave you encounter. It has the hazards of explosions, acid, and fire.


Go to the left of where you landed. You will encounter a forked pathway. To one side is a gate, to the other side is just two Pellet Posies. Break down the gate, and beyond it will be the hole. It is hard to miss, it is just sitting in the middle of the pathway.

Sublevel one

It will be a little time before you can move of your own accord because the ship will be explaining how caves work. Basically, they work exactly the same way a cave in Pikmin 2 would work. Anyway, if you look around, you are in a little nook, and there is a path. Down it, you will come to an intersection. If you go to your left, you will find a fire geyser, and Mottled Hide beyond. If you go to the right, you shall find a Dwarf Red Bulborb sniffing the ground. It will yield no additional treasure if killed. If you were to go straight forward from the intersection, you would find a white bramble gate, and behind it is the hole to the next sublevel.

Sublevel two

You will find yourself with only two options of where to go, up or down. Going up will result in a few sheargrubs coming up from the ground, but they are easy to defeat. Beyond them is the Quad Charm. But between you and it is a pool of acid! Thus, take your Green Pikmin and send them through the acid to retrieve the treasure. Going down, you will find two Dwarf Hairy Bulborbs sniffing around. By them is Luscious Crimson, and just at a small side alcove is Mark of Importance. If you continue down you will find a few Unmarked Spectralids, but they should be no problem. Be careful when trying to hit the spectralids, a large bomb rock will fall from the cave ceiling. Beyond is the hole to the next sublevel.

Sublevel three

This is the final floor, and you start out in a little hollow. There is only one path leading out. If you follow this path, you will come to a huge clearing. Despite the appearance, there is nothing worth noting in the cavern, except for a Hairy Bulborb sleeping in the center. Now, you probably didn't have very many Pikmin when you came into this hole, so taking it down can be quite a challenge. If you defeat it, it will yield the Aroma Slab. The geyser to the surface is in the upper right corner of the chamber.