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For other types of geysers, see geyser.
Fire geyser The icon used to represent this obstacle.
P3 Fire geyser.jpg
Appearance in Pikmin 3.

Fire geysers are holes that protrude from a surface and spew columns of fire at regular intervals. Unlike water geysers, fire geysers are harmful to Pikmin that are not Red Pikmin, and they also damage unprotected leaders. In some fanon games, fire geysers may be active at all times, and embedded within bramble gates or stick bridge, necessitating the use of Red Pikmin to respectively destroy or build them.

In Pikmin 1, fire geysers can not be destroyed. In Pikmin 2, fire geysers are damageable by any Pikmin type, and if destroyed, will permanently stop ejecting fire. In Pikmin 3, fire geysers act like those in Pikmin 1, except they are visible only while shooting fire. In Hey! Pikmin, fire geysers are very large and can be found on both floors and ceilings.

In fanon games

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