Horrible Behemoth

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Horrible Behemoth
Family Candypop

The Vile Candypop Bud is a species of massive candypop that secretes a lethal toxin.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Hybrids

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Pikmin: Hybrids
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Hybrids, a fanon game created by Amphituber.
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Horrible Behemoth The icon used to represent this plant.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Candypop
Areas Dark Poison Land
Caves None

The Horrible Behemoth is a giant Vile Candypop Bud that resides in the Dark Poison Land. It is the final boss of Pikmin: Hybrids, and the reason the Pikmin species is declining. It is the source of all the Vile Candypop Buds and was created accidentally by Louie in his experiments. It blocks the entrance to Louie's Kitchen until it is defeated.

It resides in the center of a large, walled-off arena. The Horrible Behemoth will begin the battle by growing five huge vines, one for each petal, with the objective being to attack each vine long enough for the vine to be momentarily stunned. While it is down, a vine must be sprayed with golden berry spray to destroy it. After all five vines are killed, the next phase of the battle begins. The Horrible Behemoth's petals will begin to spin at a rapid pace, and the candypop will take to the air and begin to rain poisonous bombs down on its attackers. Throwing enough Pikmin onto it will force it to the ground, although its incredible movement speed and the barrage of poisonous bombs may make this extremely difficult. Once the Horrible Behemoth is pinned to the ground, golden berry spray can be used on it one last time to destroy it once and for all.