Humid Ditch

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Pikmin: Epic Pikvolution
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Humid Ditch, the 2nd cave in Impact Fields, contains many fire and acid hazards. It also contains a moat of water, except it has a safe bridge to cross with.

Treasures, Hazards and Enemies


  • Rotted Stalk (Apple Core) worth 90 Pokos.
  • Cube of Courage (Wooden Cube) worth 120 Pokos.
  • Hypnotic Twirler (Spinning Top) worth 80 Pokos.
  • Waxy Spire (Half-melted Candlestick) worth 130 Pokos.
  • Pad of Mystery (Remote Contolled ____ Controller, 2 buttons and a stick.) worth 100 pokos
  • Rustic Dagger (A small shard of a sword-top) worth 50 Pokos.
  • Ringing Ornament (A decorative bell) worth 40 Pokos.
  • Fame Controller (Gamecube Controller) worth 180 Pokos. - Makes something like the Treasure Gauge which only has the meter to show closeness, no sound.



Sublevel Walkthrough

Sublevel 1 Looks considerably empty, until you see that falling bomb rock land near your pod. Run quickly or you will be blown into smithereens. The Rotted Stalk should be surrounded by Fire Geysers and a Red Bulborb. Kill the Bulborb and take back the apple core. Walk further down the long alcove to find a Dwarf Bulbear and 2 Dwarf Red Bulborbs. Jump down the cave to the 2nd sublevel.