Kitchenry Cavern

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Kitchenry Cavern
Location Autmn Valley
Sublevels 8
Treasures 12
Hazards Fire, Electricity, Water, Sticky

Similar to the Gleedmabug Hole in the Treasure Realm, this cave has a Breadbug Hole-like appearance, with a few sublevels to regain and to supply yourself with potions. Another new boss is found here.



  • Taste Swirl
  • Confection Frisbee
  • Mirrored Stage
  • Abroreal Frippery
  • Knock-out Plant
  • Sensation Friend
  • Insignificant Scrap
  • Important Scrap
  • Morning Masterpiece
  • Air Brake
  • Meat of Champions
  • Hero's Glove MAIN CARGO