Treasure Realm

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Pikmin 5: Return of the Pik-Pik
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Treasure Realm
Caves 3
Treasures 8
Hazards Fire, Water, Electricity


The Area

This area is extremely similar to The Forest Navel from Pikmin 1, and is nearly as dim. Many enemies are similar to those of the Forest Navel. Yellow Pikmin and Bulletproof Pikmin are found here.



Many of the cargo items of this area are treasure-based.

  • Wonderous Storage
  • Curious Crystal
  • Wistful Crystal
  • Bashful Crystal
  • Envious Crystal
  • Mysterious Mineral
  • Colossal Pocketwatch
  • Misery Spore


Some of the enemies here glow in the dim lighting of the realm, similar to enemies supposedly to appear in an area similar to the forest navel in Pikmin 3.

The Misery Spore is a recolored Mushroom from the Mario Series, colored to look poisonoua.