Nuclear bomb rock

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A nuclear bomb rock that has been set off.

The nuclear bomb rock is a special type of bomb rock. It has a green interior that can be seen through thin cracks on its stone covering. If a nuclear bomb rock is set off, its energy gauge will deplete at a very slow rate, fully depleting after one hundred twenty-eight real-time seconds have passed. Once that happens, it will detonate and destroy the sublevel it is on and everything contained within. The player must hurry through the sublevel they are on should they set off a nuclear bomb rock, or they risk being removed from the cave, resetting their progress through it and forcing them to redo everything they had done there up until that point. Entering the next sublevel will prevent this from happening, however.

In other games

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In Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds, a fanon game created by PikFan23.
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The nuclear bomb rock appears in Pikmin: Connection of the Worlds. In the more difficult caves, later on in the game, there is a rare chance that a nuclear bomb rock will appear on any sublevel within them. It will be dormant when it appears, but even the smallest disturbance will activate it. Should that happen, a geyser will randomly appear somewhere in the sublevel. It only has one hundred twenty seconds for it to detonate, taking out the entire cave with it. It is imperative that, if a nuclear bomb rock is triggered, the player should seek the geyser that appeared and use it. Upon returning to the surface, the ground will rumble as the nuclear bomb rock explodes, causing the cave it was located in to collapse and become inaccessible for ten in-game days.