Optical Possworm

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Optical Possworm
Family Ghastwormka

The Optical Possworm is a species of ghastwormka that controls anything it can parasitize.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin 4: The World to Free

Pikmin 4: The World to Free
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin 4: The World to Free, a fanon game created by New Pikminjp.
Optical Possworm The icon used to represent this enemy.
Optical Possworm.jpg
Scientific name Minjack paraill
Family Ghastwormka
Areas Trash Kingdom, Secret Factory
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Zombifies enemies

The Optical Possworm is a ghastwormka in Pikmin 4: The World to Free that hijacks the brains of other enemies, most commonly bulborbs. They are made of a slimy substance, and melt away upon death, leaving no remains.


Tike's notes

These creatures are the strangest creatures I encountered. Just one manages to hijack a bulborb's brain. Thank goodness it was dead... I could not have imagined the pain it could have suffered. It also dies in an odd melting fashion. Could this be an alien-like creature that also came by?

Alice's notes

No psychologist, even me, can determine this creature's personality. However, they are known to act like the creature it possesses. Strange, but maybe I should not bring a sample of this to our home.

Captain Pikmin's notes

Well, there's no stopping this creature from possessing a corpse. Once it's out, swarm it with might before it reaches another one.