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Family Palunki

The Palunkin is a species of palunki that uses its small wings to jump and land on Pikmin to eat them with the mouth on the underside of its foot.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin Adventures

Pikmin Adventures
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin Adventures, a fanon game created by PikminFan145.
Palunkin The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Parun vaccuumus
Family Palunki
Areas Pristine Grove, Flooded Ruins, Precarious Crater
Caves Overwhelming Cavern, Overgrown Tunnel
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 6
Seed worth 2
Attacks Deflowers and eats Pikmin

The Palunkin is a palunki appearing in Pikmin Adventures. Winged orange creatures found throughout the Pikmin Planet in groups of three to five, Palunkins are passive until they see Pikmin or leaders, and will attempt to slam onto them from above to rapidly eat any underneath by using the mouth on the underside of their single round foot. Pikmin in a Palunkin's immediate vicinity upon it slamming will be thrown back and depetaled. After it slams down is when it is most vulnerable, especially to swarming, and Pikmin thrown directly on top of it, the latter of which Purple Pikmin and Wollymin are most effective for.


Olimar's notes

Palunkins are an odd species considering they eat with a foot-like appendage on their underside. Scientists question what environmental change led to this odd adaptation but answers are yet found. It appears that Palunkins may be partially blind as they have fairly poor aim.

Sagittarius' notes

Palunkins are weird. Their color is odd and they are not very strong. Maybe this is why I always see them in groups. Gasp, I've made a scientific discovery, I can't wait to brag!