Pedal Reactor

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Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Pedal Reactor The icon used to represent this treasure.
Number Unknown
Series Unknown
Weight Unknown
Maximum carriers Unknown
Location Trunk of Blossoms

The Pedal Reactor is key cargo, and the first cargo found, in Pikmin: New World. It is the front end of a small bicycle, complete with a bell, lights, and a basket, found on the third floor of the Trunk of Blossoms. Specifically, it is located at the peak of a series of high ledges that are too tall for most Pikmin to access. Instead, Jade Candypop Buds on the same floor must be used to discover Olive Pikmin, which can coordinate to throw each other across the ledges and to the cargo. When collected, the Pedal Reactor will unlock the Turbo Rotor, which boosts the ship's engine power, thereby granting access to the Enveloping Garden.