Railroad Hole

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The fourth and last dungeon in the Cloaking Bush. It is a cave dungeon. It is located at the back of the area where there is a metallic maze filled with Radiagoolixes and Pump Groinks. It is easy to get lost here. There are three treasures here, the Elephantine Arrow, the Canal Block, and the Devil's Claw. It is also in the maze with the other cave in the Cloaking Bush, the Domain of Hisses. However, this is to the east of the maze whereas the Railroad Hole is to the west, closer to the Devil's Claw. Its floors are primarily metal-based and the dungeon appears to be machinery-based, though it is more so focused on various things related to trains. As is with most of the dungeons in the Cloaking Bush, it is very long and hard and has a tough boss.


Ship's comments

Bzzzzrrt! Bzzzzrrrt! Olimar! Louie! All of you! I have just made contact with another computer located deep below this planet's crust! It is responding with extreme hostility to our presence on the surface. Even this planet's machinery is ferocious! But what is this? I have detected crashes and turmoil in this cave's interior. Proceed with extreme caution!


  • Magnetics
  • Fire
  • Electricity
  • Bomb rocks



  • Ivy
  • Figwort
  • Mushroom
  • Bluebell


  • Thunder Bolt
  • Clogger Cogger
  • Saw Roller
  • Shuriken Cog
  • Mystery Bolt
  • Rear Signal
  • Rotary Ripper
  • Bumper Blessing
  • Fried Circuitboard
  • Shreiking Charger
  • Top Cog
  • Dominated Metallic
  • Hammer Fodder
  • Ultraviolet Enlightener
  • Railblazer
  • Tungsten Terror
  • Headlamp Guide
  • Intricate Thingie-ma-Jigger
  • Roller Blade
  • Complex Disaster
  • Simple Misunderstanding
  • Psychological Indicator
  • Ignition Blaster
  • Heavy-Duty Donut
  • Torque Grinder
  • Immense Plough
  • Brutal Pounder
  • Aggressive Ordeal
  • Slashing Fury
  • Connecting Appliance
  • Vault Protection
  • Screw Spear
  • Immense Plough
  • Bolt-Driver
  • Mechanized Slave
  • Crush Foot
  • Blare Beacon (Dropped by Electrofinch)