Mallet Fish

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Mallet Fish
Family Lumpling

The Mallet Fish is a species of lumpling named after the hammer-like appendage attached to its head.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Mallet Fish The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Malomenus hammerspacialis
Family Lumpling
Caves Railroad Hole, Valhalla Cave
Seed worth 17
Attacks Crushes and deflowers Pikmin

The Mallet Fish is a rare enemy in Pikmin: New World, appearing only on a very small number of cave sublevels. It resembles a large fish with a round body and a large tail. Out of the top of its massive head, there is a large mallet, contributing to its rather obvious name. It has two, tiny dots for eyes with a flower pattern around them. It has a large mouth on the bottom of its body but does not eat Pikmin; instead, it flops along the ground and homes in on Pikmin. It is not fast but is hard to avoid due to its size. Once it catches up with the group it will instantly begin smashing Pikmin flat with blows of its hammer. It can crush twenty Pikmin in one blow, though it depends on how many are in a group at once. The Pikmin along the outside of the mallet will be thrown back and deflowered. This enemy is enormous, so it is best to simply stay out of its way.

If it must be defeated, throw a single Pikmin directly in front of it and then call it back quickly. It will attempt to smash it with its mallet, and the moment it puts its hammer to the ground, toss Purple Pikmin at it quickly. This will stun it in that position, allowing for more Pikmin to be thrown directly at its back. Swarming is much less effective. It can also be distracted by a Cream Pikmin's buzzing attack, allowing Purples the chance to be thrown directly at its face, normally impossible without losing Pikmin to its mallet. Its carcass can be carried back to the Dolphin Pod afterward, allowing the Onions to sprout seventeen Pikmin seeds.


Olimar's notes

This strange oddity of a fish has a mallet-like dorsal fin sprouting from its back. This object is packed full of powerful muscles and tendons with a large club of tissue at its center. If it spots any plausible threats, an almost uncontrollable reaction takes place that causes it to tense all of the muscles of its mallet and then it wildly charges toward the supposed "attacker." The sheer weight of the mallet is enough to crush a rock to dust, never mind pound the life out of any small, defenseless creatures that stumble into view of this giant brute. Thankfully, its habitat is diminishing, so the species is slowly going extinct.

Louie's notes

Cut off the useless hammer on this creature's back and then vigorously chop and fillet its carcass with a sharpened chromium machete. Then butter it, coat it in breadcrumbs, and bake for a few minutes. No food critic could possibly resist this scrumptious dish with Caesar salad and fresh croutons.

Sagittarius' notes

This species makes a great and loyal pet. It can sometimes be fussy, though, and makes a very loud thudding noise with its mallet when frustrated or angered. It is usually hungry when it does this, so it should be given its favorite snack, fish pellets! It is also a great idea to experiment with it a bit. Feed it chopped-up bits of carrot, potato, and maybe small pieces of chicken. Experiment with it however you want.

Libra's notes

It's grey. That's all there really is to it.