Beefy Bulblblub

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Beefy Bulblblub
Family Grub-dog

The Beefy Bulblblub is a species of resilient grub-dog that is heavily protected by its sheer bulk.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: New World

Pikmin: New World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: New World, a fanon game created by Electroatopos.
Beefy Bulblblub The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Unknown
Family Grub-dog
Caves Shaft of Slugs, Railroad Hole, King's Throne
Attacks Burns, eats, and crushes Pikmin

The Beefy Bulblblub is a boss grub-dog that appears in Pikmin: New World, and found only in some dungeons, usually underground. It is bigger than a Spotty Bulbear, having an even larger and bulkier body. It is dark brownish-red and has cracked skin, a gaping maw filled with interlocking fangs, and a pair of massive, cherry-red legs with very wide-clawed feet. Two curved horns loom over its eyes, which have dark red pupils with black sclerae, and are positioned on long eyestalks. When found, it will usually be in a very deep sleep, standing up so it gets a head start on prey when it awakens, which happens as soon as a Pikmin attacks it, but may also be seen wandering about. The creature will wake up with a sudden jerk, throwing off all of the Pikmin attached to it, open its enormous, glowing eyes, look around, and then lock onto the current leader. The creature is immensely slow, but is very steady and does not relent. It also has high defense and is nearly invincible from the front. The creature will continue closing in until it comes within range, and when this happens, it opens its mouth, allowing for what appears to be a fiery clawed hand to thrust out and snatch whatever Pikmin or leaders it clasps. It then retracts the hand into its mouth at lightning speed, killing the Pikmin and damaging the leader's suit. The creature will then turn around and move to a comfortable place and immediately go back to sleep. The Beefy Bulblblub's signature attack can affect all types of Pikmin including Red Pikmin, although they can be thrown into its mouth and be perfectly fine; this is because the attack is not fire-based, but more of a grabbing attack, as Pikmin of all types will not die until they have all been swallowed, which does not happen when they are simply sitting in its mouth.

This creature is very difficult to kill. First, try throwing a single Pikmin at it to wake it up, and then quickly call it back before it can be shaken off. As soon as it wakes up and looks around before locking on to one of the leaders, toss as many Purple Pikmin onto its backside as possible. This will stun it, allowing the opportunity to swarm Pikmin, preferably Olive Pikmin or Red Pikmin, onto its belly and feet. Throwing Pikmin at its head is futile, as its defense almost completely negates any attempts of attack. It has an unsurprisingly high vitality, making it highly unlikely that the creature can be killed in one go. As soon as the Beefy Bulblblub regains its senses, repeat the process until it finally succumbs. It heals very quickly when left alone, even for short periods, so assaults against it should be made quickly. If one is already patrolling the area, a different strategy should be executed: lure it in close, and then throw Pikmin to its side, causing the bulblblub to pause and turn to shake them off. As soon as it does this, mob its body with Pikmin. This is the most effective way to kill it while it is still in this state, although it is also possible to lure it into pits, which is easy, but wasteful as the carcass can not be collected then. Another possible method of subduing this frightening foe is by waiting until it gets close enough to launch one of its attacks: when it opens its mouth to do so, quickly hurl Red Pikmin into it. Red Pikmin are the only type of Pikmin that will not be burned by this, giving them time to inflict quite a bit of damage while at the same time blocking its attack. Because they are inside its mouth, the bulblblub can not shake them off or do anything about them. It also has zero defense inside of its mouth, so attacks there will be the most effective out of anything that can be done to it. Even so, it is very tricky to pull off this attack as it requires a lot of accuracy and precision to have the Pikmin land directly in its mouth at just the right time.


Olimar's notes

This creature's ancient, cracked appearance and its deathly black eyes make this terrifying creature a sight to behold. Its mouth is filled with a deadly gas that it produces internally over a long period and is pressurized within large cavities in its skull and throat. Over this period, its steadily rising internal heat soars to ludicrous temperatures. However, the gas is prevented from combusting or exploding due to asphyxiation from the high pressures and lack of air. When it opens its mouth, the gas is depressurized and rapidly expands to mix with the surrounding air. This sends a fiery arm shooting forth to fry any unsuspecting victims of this terrific predator. The creature's body will then expand, decreasing pressure and sucking in the flaming gas along with the charred remains of its prey. A fierce foe to be reckoned with indeed!

Louie's notes

Pound this colossal beast's giant-sized carcass with a powerful jackhammer until completely flat. Slice into extra-long strips with a chainsaw and then skewer each through the middle with a long stick. Dip each one in egg yolk and butter and then flour and breadcrumbs. Bake them all at once on an extra-large tray in an oven for seventeen minutes. Each carcass can produce fifty-seven giant meat sicles per batch!

Sagittarius's notes

This creature is most certainly not a suitable household pet. It can neither be trained nor can resist the urge to destroy anything that disturbs it from its sleep with the flaming blasts that it emits from its mouth. It is not at all acceptable for a pet but makes a highly-effective guard dog.

Libra's notes

Definitely not fashionable. The cracked, crumbly surface of its skin will make people think that you belong in an archaeological exhibit or a dinosaur museum. Fashion designers want absolutely nothing to do with someone who looks like a fossil.