Royal Long Legs

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Royal Long Legs
Family Arachnorb

The Royal Long Legs is a mature arachnorb that may be exotic or wear a crown.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: The Winds of Light

Winds of Light.jpg
The Winds of Light
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: The Winds of Light, a fanon game created by EmperorRagingLongLegs.
Winds of Light.jpg
Royal Long Legs The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Pseudoarachnia armoralis regius
Family Arachnorb
Areas None
Caves Royal Wraith's Palace
Carry weight N/A
Attacks Crushes and impales Pikmin

The Royal Long Legs is an arachnorb appearing in Pikmin: The Winds of Light. It is found in sublevels two and three of the Royal Wraith's Palace, where, respectively, it is in the upper-right arena, and with ten Royal Bulborbs. The Royal Long Legs is similar to the Beady Long Legs in terms of appearance but has a purple-colored body with a crown on top, and behavior although the crown can impale Pikmin that land on it.


Olimar's notes

The royal long legs seems to be one of the more impressive captures of the royal wraith, seeing as it is so large, and he captured several of them. Why the royal wraith would want so many large and dangerous creatures, I can't even begin to understand...