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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "crush" and "stab" articles for more official information.
Blunt force The icon used to represent this hazard.

Blunt force is a non-elemental hazard that, in the official games, consists of two physical forces, crushing and stabbing, but in fanon media, also consists of hitting, slicing, and pinching. Most Pikmin have weak bodies that can not withstand blunt force, suffering an agonizing death with no way to save their lives when subjected to it. Rock Pikmin can resist blunt force attacks, and because they have such a solid body, their attacks could almost be considered blunt force in and of themselves.


The following is a sample list of sources of blunt force:

  • Boulder icon.png Boulder – large rocks that can crush Pikmin they land on or roll over.
  • Crystal nodule Crystal nodule – chunks of crystal that are capable of crushing Pikmin they land on top of.
  • Iron ball icon.png Iron ball – iron balls roll down slopes, and can crush things in their path.
  • Amphitubers Amphitubers – enemies that jump into the air and then fall down, crushing prey below them.
  • Arachnorbs Arachnorbs – many members of this family have large feet that can stamp on Pikmin and leaders.
  • Burrow-nits Burrow-nits – these enemies thrust their proboscis out to stab Pikmin with before consuming them.
  • Lithopods Lithopods – lithopods can spit out rocks that crush everything in their path.
  • Crystalline Fingerslip icon.png Crystalline Fingerslip – carries a crystal nodules between its legs, and drops it on top of Pikmin.
  • P2 Emperor Bulblax icon.png Emperor Bulblax – the Emperor Bulblax's jumping attack can crush Pikmin under it.
  • P3 Plasm Wraith icon.png Plasm Wraith – the Plasm Wraith's normal attack involves a series of stabbing movements, and the creature can spit out Elemental Plasms that shape into crystal blocks, capable of crushing Pikmin.
  • P3 Skutterchuck icon.png Skutterchuck – the crystal nodules they lob crush anything under them.
  • HP Speargrub icon.png Speargrub – if non-Rock Pikmin are thrown at the creature, its spikes will kill them.
  • Sprinting Dirigibug icon.png Sprinting Dirigibug – skewers Pikmin on its sharp front legs and then stuffs them into its mouth to eat them.

In fanon games

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In Pikmin: Wide World

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This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Wide World, a fanon game created by Cheepy-Cheepy.
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Blunt force

Blunt force is a very common hazard in Pikmin: Wide World. It has three forms, which are crushing, impaling, and pinching, and is utilized in a large variety of ways by many creatures native to PNF-404. Any Pikmin that is crushed will become flat in whatever direction it was crushed in and emit a distinct sound, before dying and leaving behind a soul. A Pikmin that is impaled becomes stuck on whatever impaled it and often the only way to save its life is to kill whatever had impaled that Pikmin, although in rare cases impaled Pikmin can instead be whistled to safety. Pikmin that are pinched emit a distinct shriek and run around frantically in panic for a brief time. Rock Pikmin are immune to all three forms of blunt force; being crushed partially embeds them into the ground for a short time, and they eventually unearth themselves after some seconds, although this can be accelerated by whistling them; attempts to impale them result in them being knocked back a distance equivalent to the force enacted upon them; lastly, their hard, dense bodies prevent them from being able to be pinched. Leaders may reduce the amount of damage they take from being bitten, crushed, impaled, and pinched by equipping the Metal Suit Z. Additionally, two particular parasitic Pikmin hosts each utilize a different form of blunt force: Burrowing Snagmin, which are thrown like javelins and impale targets they hit, and Wollymin, which can jump into the air and crush smaller or shorter enemies on their own or, more similarly to Purple Pikmin, be thrown into the air to pound on top of larger or taller enemies. Boulders are large, spherical rocks that are used offensively by enemies and can fall from cave ceilings. Additionally, some larger enemies have a chance to cause boulders to fall from the cave ceiling upon colliding with a wall hard enough. Crystal nodules are small pieces of crystal that may be weaponized by various enemies. Crystal stalactites fall from some cave ceilings and remain even after becoming lodged in the ground. Iron balls can be pushed around, and while rolling, crushing anything in their path. Cobbelstone, metal, and packed dirt blocks are capable of crushing Pikmin and leaders they land on or pin between themselves and a solid surface. Rocks are essentially small boulders that can be picked up and thrown by leaders to inflict heavy damage to enemies, eventually breaking after some uses, like a dud bomb rock but with more uses. Sparklium stones may be used identically to rocks, but yield a wealth of Sparklium upon breaking, which scales up along with its quality. Sweetgum pod impale Pikmin and leaders that are thrown at, forced into, or rolled over. Wooden stakes require blunt force to clear, and blunt force is one way to clear crystal stalactites. Brambles, Spiny Spiderworts, and Thorned Posies all impale Pikmin and leaders that are thrown into them or are forced into them, although the latter two can be safely touched in some places.

Armored Cannon Grubs and Armored Cannon Beetles launch ordinary boulders from their mouth. Barbed Mockiwis are covered with sharp spikes, and any Pikmin that are thrown at them or are otherwise forced into them will become skewered. Battering Groinks attempt to ram Pikmin and leaders, sometimes inadvertently crushing them between themselves and a wall or other Battering Groinks. Calcified Crushblats with a crystal shell can crush Pikmin and leaders they land on top of, but those without one merely bury them. Cloaking Burrow-nits, Spiny Burrow-nits, Joustmites, Flighty Joustmites, and Magnetic Joustmites thrust their proboscis out at Pikmin to impale and eat them. Clumsy Blubbugs crush Pikmin and leaders they roll over after tripping and toppling over. Crammed Wraiths push away Pikmin and leaders by relentlessly backing up into them, which can result in those Pikmin and leaders being crushed between their shell and a wall or another Crammed Wraith's shell. Crawbster Young quickly curl into a ball and roll towards Pikmin and leaders they see, crushing any they roll over. Crystal Kettlebugs are covered in sharp, glowing crystals that skewer Pikmin that are thrown at them or forced into them, although their crystals can be individually destroyed to prevent Pikmin lives from becoming endangered. Crystalline Crushblats that have their spherical crystal shell roll themselves toward nearby Pikmin and leaders to crush them. Dangling Splurchins are covered with needles and hang from cave ceilings, dropping down and swinging back at forth when Pikmin or leaders come near, skewering any they land on or swing into. Decorated Cannon Grubs and Decorated Cannon Beetles launch from their mouth magnetic boulders, which follow leaders. Elongated Mockiwis may inadvertently crush Pikmin and leaders merely by stepping on them. Larger amphitubers, namely Yellow Wollywogs, Pale Wollywogs, Ghost Wollywogs, Fiery Wollywogs, Bullwogs, Yellow Wollybots, and Translucent Wollybot, crush Pikmin and leaders under their weight by jumping and then landing on top of them. Fleeting Splurchins hover through the air, impaling Pikmin that are thrown at them. Greater Grabbits crush Pikmin and leaders they land on. Large Splurchins and Volatile Splurchins impale Pikmin that are thrown onto or are forced into them. Peach Bulborbs crush Pikmin they walk over. Pinching Sheargrubs use their short mandibles to pinch Pikmin and leaders close enough to them. Prickly Splurchins impale Pikmin and leaders that are thrown at them or forced into them, and can also impale them by rolling over them. Scornets impale Pikmin to hold them before taking them away to kill them, and Venomous Scornets can do the same in addition to stinging Pikmin and leaders to inject poison. Speargrubs and Sandy Speargrubs have spike-covered bodies that impale Pikmin and leaders that are thrown at or forced into them, but those they collide with may also be impaled. Shearpions impale Pikmin and leaders they strike using their tail. Skutterchucks weaponize small objects, an example being crystal nodules, and lob them onto Pikmin and leaders. Sparkling Dirigibugs regurgitate Sparklium stones of random quality. Spiny Coppellers impale Pikmin and leaders that are thrown at or forced into them. Stonespitting Dirigibugs regurgitate rocks, which crush anything they land on and crumble upon impact with the ground. Finally, Trampling Mamutas pound Pikmin into the ground and crush them, killing them, upon hitting them three more times afterward.

The Ancient Bulblax, Baldy Long Legs', Beady Long Legs', Clawed Long Legs', Daddy Long Legs', Diamond Long Legs', Luminous Long Legs', Mossy Long Legs', Raging Long Legs', Shaggy Long Legs', and Stamping Long Legs' may crush Pikmin and leaders merely by stepping on them. Additionally, a Diamond Long Legs may use its crystal shell to crush Pikmin and leaders by slamming it into the ground, and shattering the crystal shell of a Diamond Long Legs creates destructible debris that is capable of crushing and impaling Pikmin. Also, a Stamping Long Legs is able to use its main body to crush Pikmin in a very similar manner. Angler Bulblaxes, Emperor Bulblaxes, and Emperor Bulbots crush Pikmin and leaders by landing on them after a jump. The Armurk is able to crush Pikmin and leaders by slamming its body on top of them, falling on them, and rolling over them. The Ebony Waddlepus may crush Pikmin and leaders under its tentacles. The Emperor Pinchipede and Monochromatic Pinchipede both skewer Pikmin and leaders that collide with the sides of their bodies. The Empress Breadblax, Empress Orange Bulblax, Empress Red Bulblax, Empress Spotty Bulblax, and King Beeb are all capable of crushing Pikmin and leaders they roll over. The Frosted Arcticlops and Quaggled Mireclops are able to crush Pikmin and leaders in a multitude of ways, such as by stepping on them or by smashing them under their bodies. The Greater Bladed Beeb uses its spike balls to crush Pikmin and leaders while the Greater Studded Beeb using its blades to skewer them. The Grimacing Cremblub may impale Pikmin and leaders using the nails growing from its front legs and crush Pikmin and leaders by stepping on them with its back feet. The Hydroe Host is able to crushing Pikmin by stepping on them and by landing on them. The Plasm Wraith is able to skewer Pikmin and leaders by morphing its arms to be needle-like and then stabbing at them, and the creature can also spit out an elemental plasma that forms into a crystal cube that crushes Pikmin it rolls on top of. The Segmented Crawbster and Noxious Crawbster crush Pikmin they roll over. Spiny Snagrets have spike-covered bodies that skewer any Pikmin and leaders that are thrown into or otherwise forced into them, but their head can be touched without harm. Stony Flint Beetles attempt to crush their attackers using their body or by rolling objects over them, an example of one such object being boulders. The Titan Dweevil and Titan Webber Dweevil skewer Pikmin their feet land on. The Tusked Elephog and Woolly Mammhog may impale Pikmin on their tusks and crush Pikmin under their weight. Lastly, the Waterwraith is only able to crush Pikmin and leaders by using its stone rollers to flatten them.

Although Creeping Chrysanthemums and the Titan Cottonade would appear to crush Pikmin and leaders they are on top of, they merely pin them, and the Titan Cottanade may additionally bury those it is on top of. The crystal armor protecting the backsides of Crystalline Bulborbs and their dwarf counterpart may appear to skewer Pikmin and leaders on contact, but they do not. Fandangled Isleclops', unlike other members of its family, can only kick Pikmin and leaders away, and are unable to crush them. Jackwigs may appear to skewer their victims, but they merely sting them. Vehemoth Phosbats and the Emberglow Phosbat both periodically crashland when critically injured, which does not crush Pikmin or leaders but can fling them away or bury them. Lastly, Mamutas and the Sandbelching Meerslug can not crush Pikmin and leaders, but can bury them.