Central Desert

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Secret of the Earth, a fanon game created by Portal-Kombat.
Central Desert
Hazards Extreme drought

The Central Desert is the second area visited in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is one of the aridest locales visited and is located roughly in the center of the mainland. It is bordered by multiple areas: the Wandering Canyons to the north and east, the Southern Plains to the south, and Snowy Outskirts to the west. The entrance to the Origin Crater is also in this region, in the northeastern area of the map. The area is somewhat of a valley where the heat from the sun gathers at full force. Creatures that live here have adapted to survive difficult conditions. The area also experiences torrential downpours once in a while, being a desert. When that happens, intense landslide conditions make this area very muddy and dangerous. The desert has a few distinct landmarks to make traveling easier.

Key sections

  • Crater Edge
  • Dune Sweep
  • Fortress Hive
  • Flat Stretch