Soul Stealer

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Soul Stealer
Family Unknown

The Soul Stealer is a horrifying creature that can absorb the souls of any living being that gazes into its eyes.

User versions

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DonoPik's version

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Soul Stealer The icon used to represent this enemy.
Soul Stealer.jpg
Scientific name Sulus stealus
Family Unknown
Areas None
Caves Cave of Souls
Challenge Mode stages Death Valley
Carry weight 200
Max. carriers 100
Seed worth 100
Poko value P2 Poko icon.png × 100
Attacks Kills and poisons Pikmin

The Soul Stealer is a ridiculously deadly creature with relatively little reward for vanquishing it. Pikmin that gaze into or physically touch its disembodied, floating eyes will have their soul taken from their body and devoured by the Soul Stealer, instantly killing those Pikmin. The Soul Stealer's least dangerous attack is its ability to cry poison fluid, creating puddles of poison on the ground under it that disappear after some seconds.