Southern Desert

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Secret of the Earth, a fanon game created by Portal-Kombat.
Southern Desert

The Southern Desert is an area appearing in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. For those who continually head south across the Southern Plains, they will eventually reach a spot where the greenery gives way to a long, coastal desert. While not as hot as the Central Desert, due to a pleasant sea breeze, the area is still barren and mostly sand. Recently, a branch of the Yellow Pikmin community underwent a voyage to travel to this location and attempt to settle a portion of it. Although much of the area looks oppressively flat and similar, there are rumors that this territory may house an unseen danger. Besides avoiding this place for practical reasons, a sense of paranoia can sometimes kick in due to the eerily quiet atmosphere.

Key sections

  • Arid Expanse
  • Drying Oasis
  • Calm Coastline
  • Tunnel Network
  • Venomous Vault