Spelunker's Cavern

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The Spelunker's Cavern is the first cave in the Dunes of Forever and in Pikoblitz itself. You find White Pikmin here. The enemies are easy to defeat and there is no boss.

Sublevels: 2 Treaures: 4

Sublevel 1

  • Treasures: 2

Sublevel 2

Treasures: 2

  • Poison GeneratorX 6



  • Radial Circuit (1/2 Electonic Map) 200 pokos (30 pikmin)

This Upgrade, if combined with the Anti-Rigor Chart, will create the Up-Grade, Dungeon Locater. This displays on the area map dungeons in the area, but will not display the names. It will show the names of the caves you've been to and mark which ones you have completed.