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Pikoblitz is a Pikmin Fanon game which is similar to the second real game in the real series, Pikmin 2.

Main Story

This game starts at Olimar's job site, Hocotate Freight. It has been two years since Captain Olimar has returned from his galactic adventure to save his company from a horrific debt. Olimar is working, as usual, beside his co-worker Louie. A news report comes up on a holographic projection that a strange specimen of baby Bulblax escaped from the recently opened Hocotate Zoo. The reporter states that the "juvenile creature crawled aboard the final ship which was supposed to find and collect treasure." The President looks at it as the reporter says that many Hocotatians are upset by the creature's escape. Worried this might hurt the business, the President sends Olimar and Louie to the part of the Pikmin Planet where the Bulblax is said to be lurking, which happens to be a part none of them have seen before. Now, in the search of the Bulblax, the duo must search through dungeons and wilderness, while collecting treasure on the way.


Types of Pikmin





  • Water(Both)
  • Acid(Both)
  • Fire (Caves)
  • Electric (Caves)
  • Poison(Caves)
  • Ice (Caves)

How to Access Areas