Static Blowhog

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Static Blowhog
Family Blowhog

The Static Blowhog is a species of blowhog that conducts static electricity by rubbing up against one another.

User versions

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Zoadra's version

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Static Blowhog The icon used to represent this enemy.
Scientific name Electrius boggious
Family Blowhog
Attacks Electrocutes, inhales, and launches Pikmin

The Static Blowhog is a smaller airborne blowhog. Their bodies are translucent, orange, and rubbery, and constantly expand and retract. Static Blowhogs can generate static electricity by rubbing against each other, and for this reason, they are rarely seen alone. If leaders or Pikmin approach them, Static Blowhogs will huddle close together and generate static electricity, which they can direct out of their snouts, also electrifying themselves in the process. Static Blowhogs are also able to inhale Pikmin, electrify them, and spit them towards attackers to injure them. Leaders and Pikmin alike will merely be knocked down and paralyzed if they are struck, and shots the Static Blowhog misses will simply be buried in the ground. Alone, Static Blowhogs cannot generate electricity nor can they electrify the Pikmin they spit out.

The most effective way to defeat an electrified Static Blowhog is to throw enough Yellow Pikmin onto it, which will force it to the ground and make it vulnerable to swarming. Purple Pikmin and other Pikmin can also be used to bring a Static Blowhog to the ground as long as the creature is not electrified. The creature cannot attack nor generate static electricity while it is grounded, rendering it completely harmless. At the risk of losing access to its corpse, bomb rocks can be used to instantly kill a Static Blowhog should it inhale one instead of a Pikmin, where the object will become lodged in the creature's trunk and detonate. Any Pikmin trapped inside the creature if it is killed normally will escape from it once it dies, but any Pikmin trapped inside of it when it is killed by a bomb rock will die.


Olimar's notes

This predator hunts prey by rubbing against others of its kind to generate static electricity, which it coats itself in and can direct a bolt out of its snout. Alone, they are completely harmless.

Louie's notes

The clear outer skin is flavorless and inedible while the orange rubbery inner skin is delightfully scrumptious. Used mainly for backyard barbecue blowhog cookouts.

Glaxy's journal

As this animal of PNF-404 flies with its puffy air sack of orange skin, this animal did not always puff up. It used to have orange skin with a semi-clear outer layer and it stayed afloat in water with its undeveloped air sack. It used to be prey until the emperor bulblax became big and really scared the static blowhogs and made their inner skin rub and shake until the inner skin became rubbery allowing it to direct air and electricity to become what it is today.