Blowhog family

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This article relates to the official games. See Pikipedia's "blowhog family" and "tusked blowhog family" articles for more official information.

The blowhog family is composed of somewhat plump creatures that can be seen on land or in the air and use their trunk in some manner. Land-based blowhogs typically resemble elephants and aerial blowhogs typically resemble balloons.


Acidic Blowhog

Main article: Acidic Blowhog

The Acidic Blowhog expels acid from its trunk.

Airy Blowhog

Main article: Airy Blowhog

The Airy Blowhog inhales Pikmin and spits them out to depetal them.

Alphorn Mastohog

Main article: Alphorn Mastohog

The Alphorn Mastohog can expel massive gusts of ice and snow, and has golden tusks.

Aromatic Blowpuff

Main article: Aromatic Blowpuff

The Aromatic Blowpuff can spew clouds of poison from its trunk.

Ballooning Puffhog

Main article: Ballooning Puffhog

The Ballooning Puffhog inflates to roll over and crush Pikmin.

Big Blowhog

Main article: Big Blowhog

The Big Blowhog is an abnormally large, land-based blowhog.

Blazing Blowhog

Main article: Blazing Blowhog

The Blazing Blowhog incinerates all but the most heat-resistant Pikmin.

Blimp Blowhog

Main article: Blimp Blowhog

The Blimp Blowhog is a gargantuan airborne blowhog.

Blistering Blowhog

Main article: Blistering Blowhog

The Blistering Blowhog is an airborne blowhog that can spew fire.

Blizzarding Blowhog

Main article: Blizzarding Blowhog

The Blizzarding Blowhog expels massive gusts of cold air to freeze Pikmin.


Main article: Blowboar

The Blowboar blows air at Pikmin before charging at them to trample them.

Blowhog Rex

Main article: Blowhog Rex

The Blowhog Rex has a devastating charge, and an impervious coat of fur.

Blowing Megahog

Main article: Blowing Megahog

The Blowing Megahog is a larger, more menacing Puffy Blowhog that can blow away and inhale Pikmin.

Blowtorch Blowhog

Main article: Blowtorch Blowhog

The Blowtorch Blowhog spews fire from an upright, aerial position.

Borealic Blowhog

Main article: Borealic Blowhog

The Borealic Blowhog spews a deadly, aura mist at Pikmin.

Bubble-Blowing Blowhog

Main article: Bubble-Blowing Blowhog

The Bubble-Blowing Blowhog blows bubbles to trap Pikmin.

Bubbling Blowhog

Main article: Bubbling Blowhog

The Bubbling Blowhog blows water vapor at Pikmin to drown them.

Camo Blowhog

Main article: Camo Blowhog

The Camo Blowhog can blend into its environment to avoid attackers.

Caramel Blowhog

Main article: Caramel Blowhog

The Caramel Blowhog can expel a sticky substance at Pikmin that quickly hardens into a crystal.

Caustic Blowhog

Main article: Caustic Blowhog

The Caustic Blowhog expels water that kills all but the most aquatic Pikmin.

Charging Blowhog

Main article: Charging Blowhog

The Charging Blowhog charges recklessly at Pikmin.

Control Blowhog

Main article: Control Blowhog

The Control Blowhog spews a controlling chemical to make Pikmin follow it.

Coral Blowhog

Main article: Coral Blowhog

The Coral Blowhog creates a barrier of water around itself as protection.

Corrosive Blowhog

Main article: Corrosive Blowhog

The Corrosive Blowhog spews poison that kill all but the most toxic-resistant Pikmin.

Dark Matter Blowhog

Main article: Dark Matter Blowhog

The Dark Matter Blowhog spews fire and water, but mainly dark matter.

Darkfreeze Blowhog

Main article: Darkfreeze Blowhog

The Darkfreeze Blowhog expels air that blows Pikmin away and freezes them.

Drill Pumphog

Main article: Drill Pumphog

The Drill Pumphog can dig underground and pop up to scatter Pikmin around before firing rocks at them.

Dual Blowhog

Main article: Dual Blowhog

The Dual Blowhog is a fused species of two Blowhogs.

Electric Blowhog

Main article: Electric Blowhog

The Electric Blowhog is a land-based blowhog that spews electricity from its trunk.

Eroding Blowhog

Main article: Eroding Blowhog

The Eroding Blowhog expels air that encases leader and Pikmin in a layer of stone.

Explosive Blowhog

Main article: Explosive Blowhog

The Explosive Blowhog spews out a dangerous, volatile substance.

Fiery Blowhog

Main article: Fiery Blowhog

The Fiery Blowhog is a grounded blowhog that blows fire from its trunk.

Fiery Blowlet

Main article: Fiery Blowlet

The Fiery Blowlet is a juvenile Fiery Blowhog.

Fishy Blowhog

Main article: Fishy Blowhog

The Fishy Blowhog prefers to eat objects in the water, rather than Pikmin.


Main article: Floataswine

The Floataswine can inhale Pikmin and spit them away from the leader they're following.

Flora Blowhog

Main article: Flora Blowhog

The Flora Blowhog has a floral pattern on its body.

Frosthop Blowhog

Main article: Frosthop Blowhog

The Frosthop Blowhog floats in the air to blow cold air at Pikmin.

Giga Watery Blowhog

Main article: Giga Watery Blowhog

The Giga Watery Blowhog can give birth to juvenile Blowhogs and spew water.

Gloomy Blowhog

Main article: Gloomy Blowhog

The Gloomy Blowhog can spew wither from its trunk.

Golem Blowhog

Main article: Golem Blowhog

The Golem Blowhog charges at Pikmin to kill them with its significant weight.

Grounding Blowhog

Main article: Grounding Blowhog

The Grounding Blowhog expels air that buries and flowers Pikmin.

Heavy Blowhog

Main article: Heavy Blowhog

The Heavy Blowhog has an extreme weight or class offense.

Hurricane Blowhog

Main article: Hurricane Blowhog

The Hurricane Blowhog can conjure miniature tornadoes.

Icy Blowhog

Main article: Icy Blowhog

The Icy Blowhog expels cold air to freeze Pikmin.

Indigo Blowhog

Main article: Indigo Blowhog

The Indigo Blowhog has a more prominent, indigo coloration.

Jackle Blowhog

Main article: Jackle Blowhog

The Jackle Blowhog can inhale Pikmin, but exhale air quite weakly.

Jamboree Blowhog

Main article: Jamboree Blowhog

The Jamboree Blowhog can expel air or confetti from its elongated, trumpet-like snout.

Leviathan Blowhog

Main article: Leviathan Blowhog

The Leviathan Blowhog expels massive divulges of water.

Light Bulbhog

Main article: Light Bulbhog

The Light Blowhog can expel a devastating ray of light from its snout.

Magnetic Puffhog

Main article: Magnetic Puffhog

The Magnetic Puffhog can produce a magnetic field to repel Pikmin.

Mortar Blowhog

Main article: Mortar Blowhog

The Mortar Blowhog expels a slow-moving explosive that explodes on contact.

Mortar Flipperhog

Main article: Mortar Flipperhog

The Mortar Flipperhog has a crystalline, mortal shell.

Muddy Blowhog

Main article: Muddy Blowhog

The Muddy Blowhog expels mud at Pikmin.

Munge Werehog

Main article: Munge Werehog

The Munge Werehog has a ferocious nature when it comes to expelling gas from its trunk.

Mortar Blowhog

Main article: Mortar Blowhog

The Musky Blowhog leaves behind a trail of toxic gas wherever it charges.

Needlesnout Blowhog

Main article: Needlesnout Blowhog

The Needlesnout Blowhog charges at Pikmin with its spiked snout.

Newborn Blowlet

Main article: Newborn Blowlet

The Newborn Blowlet is the newborn of an adult blowhog.

Oily Blowhog

Main article: Oily Blowhog

The Oily Blowhog can expel lubricant from its trunk.

Overcharge Blowhog

Main article: Overcharge Blowhog

The Overcharge Blowhog expels blasts of deadly lightning from its snout.

Painted Splathog

Main article: Painted Splathog

The Painted Splathog expels paint that changes the type of a Pikmin.

Pebbleback Blowhog

Main article: Pebbleback Blowhog

The Pebbleback Blowhog spits barrages of pebbles at Pikmin.

Pelleting Blowhog

Main article: Mortar Blowhog

The Pelleting Blowhog expels projectiles from its biomechanical trunk.

Poisonous Blowhog

Main article: Poisonous Blowhog

The Poisonous Blowhog expels toxic gas from its trunk.

Puffy Blowhog

Main article: Puffy Blowhog

The Puffy Blowhog expels a massive gust of air that blows Pikmin away.

Puffy Blowlet

Main article: Puffy Blowlet

The Puffy Blowlet is a juvenile Puffy Blowhog.

Radioactive Blowhog

Main article: Radioactive Blowhog

The Radioactive Blowhog expels radiation that can decay or mutate Pikmin.

Screeching Blowhog

Main article: Screeching Blowhog

The Screeching Blowhog emits a powerful scream to deflower Pikmin.

Sandy Blowhog

Main article: Sandy Blowhog

The Sandy Blowhog spews sand from its trunk.

Scented Blowhog

Main article: Scented Blowhog

The Scented Blowhog expels a perfume that can confuse Pikmin.

Sickened Blowhog

Main article: Sickened Blowhog

The Sickened Blowhog drops bubbles of poison gas to choke Pikmin.

Sleet Pumphog

Main article: Sleet Pumphog

The Sleet Pumphog sucks up ice to expel and use for its attack.

Smoky Blowhog

Main article: Smoky Blowhog

The Smoky Blowhog expels a gas similar to the gas of a Smoky Progg.

Sniper Pumphog

Main article: Sniper Pumphog

The Sniper Pumphog can fire projectiles at Pikmin from long distances.

Snowy Blowhog

Main article: Snowy Blowhog

The Snowy Blowhog expels snow from its trunk to freeze Pikmin.

Somnolent Blowhog

Main article: Somnolent Blowhog

The Somnolent Blowhog expels a mist that puts Pikmin to sleep.

Sour Blowhog

Main article: Sour Blowhog

The Sour Blowhog is covered in a corrosive substance.

Spiked Blowhog

Main article: Spiked Blowhog

The Spiked Blowhog expels air that can wither Pikmin.

Static Blowhog

Main article: Static Blowhog

The Static Blowhog inhales Pikmin and spits its out at attackers after infusing them with electricity.

Sticky Blowhog

Main article: Sticky Blowhog

The Sticky Blowhog expels an adhesive substance.

Suckerpunch Blowhog

Main article: Suckerpunch Blowhog

The Suckerpunch Blowhog can launch its body around to knock Pikmin away.

Telescoping Pumphog

Main article: Telescoping Pumphog

The Telescoping Pumphog fires projectiles from its stationary position.

Thunderhead Blowboar

Main article: Thunderhead Blowboar

The Thunderhead Blowboar can create several elemental attacks from the clouds that surround it.

Titan Blowhog

Main article: Titan Blowhog

The Titan Blowhog spews massive gusts of flames at Pikmin.

Toy Blowhog

Main article: Toy Blowhog

The Toy Blowhog can whistle Pikmin to itself.


Main article: Troglohog

The Troglohog can move large blocks of ice.

Tusked Blowhog

Main article: Tusked Blowhog

The Tusked Blowhog charges at Pikmin to knock them away and eat them.

Vacuum Pumphog

Main article: Vacuum Pumphog

The Vacuum Pumphog sucks up Pikmin and objects before spitting them out at high speeds.

Watery Blowhog

Main article: Watery Blowhog

The Watery Blowhog is a land-based blowhog that expels water at Pikmin.

Watery Blowlet

Main article: Watery Blowlet

The Watery Blowlet is the juvenile young of a Watery Blowhog.

Wavering Blowhog

Main article: Wavering Blowhog

The Wavering Blowhog spews air in a wavering motion to maximize the range of its attacks.

Withering Blowhog

Main article: Withering Blowhog

The Withering Blowhog blows air at Pikmin which knocks them back and deflowers them.

Withering Blowlet

Main article: Withering Blowlet

The Withering Blowlet is a juvenile Withering Blowhog.

Woolly Blowhog

Main article: Woolly Blowhog

The Wooly Blowhog blows air which encases Pikmin in a solid block of ice.