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The blowhog family is composed of somewhat plump creatures that can be seen on land or in the air and use their trunk in some manner. Land-based blowhogs typically resemble elephants and aerial blowhogs typically resemble balloons.


Acidic Blowhog

Main article: Acidic Blowhog

The Acidic Blowhog is a creature that evolved from mutations in certain Watery Blowhog specimens. Watery Blowhogs are actually Fiery Blowhogs whose chemicals do not combust upon contact with open air, making it nothing more than soapy water. The chemicals in the Acidic Blowhog, however, are highly acidic, hence its name, and although they do not combust upon contact with open air, it is a successful defense mechanism for repelling creatures like larger predators or swarms of Pikmin.

Airy Blowhog

Main article: Airy Blowhog

The Airy Blowhog is a species of Blowhog that is like the Fiery Blowhog, but inhales and spits out Pikmin to depetal them.

Alphorn Mastohog

Main article: Alphorn Mastohog

The Alphorn Mastohog is a massive species of blowhog with control over ice and snow. Its prominent tusks are made out of pure gold.

Ballooning Puffhog

Main article: Ballooning Puffhog

The Ballooning Puffhog is a blue, frog-like creature that has finned feet and a large mouth. The creature will intake massive amounts of air, blowing up and rolling over Pikmin. It is best to attack the creature when its deflated.

Blazing Blowhog

Main article: Blazing Blowhog

The Blazing Blowhog is a violent version of the Fiery Blowhog with a fire that can instantly incinerate most Pikmin. However, it will attack other Blowhogs not of its type, so its best to attack it while it is distracted.

Big Blowhog

Main article: Big Blowhog

The Big Blowhog is a gargantuan land-based blowhog. It has orange stripes covering its body, and it has red eyes, a black-tipped snout, and clawed feet.

Blimp Blowhog

Main article: Blimp Blowhog

The Blimp Blowhog is a gargantuan species of flying blowhog. The massive creature resembles an orange balloon, with two sets of manta-ray like fins along the side of its body to stabilize it in flight, along with a set of holes running along its sides and belly. It has a very long trunk, long enough to aim over its back to blow off parasites.


Main article: Blowboar

The Blowboar is a larger land-based blowhog. It is a big, furry blowhog that has tusks on either side of its trunk. It attacks Pikmin by blowing air from its trunk to knock them over before charging directly at them in an attempt to trample them.

Blowing Megahog

Main article: Blowing Megahog

The Blowing Megahog is a large Puffy Blowhog, sharing their behaviors and colorful appearance.

Blowtorch Blowhog

Main article: Blowtorch Blowhog

Blowtorch Blowhogs are fire-spitting aerial blowhogs with a unique, upright body orientation akin to a hot air balloon's gasbag.

Borealic Blowhog

Main article: Borealic Blowhog

Borealic Blowhogs are airborne Blowhogs who spray a highly dangerous mist only known as aura. No Pikmin are known to be immune to it, meaning caution is advised when taking it on.

Bubble-Blowing Blowhog

Main article: Bubble-Blowing Blowhog

The Bubble-Blowing Blowhog is an unused Blowhog with a green snout. It would have presumably blown bubbles at its enemies.

Bubbling Blowhog

Main article: Bubbling Blowhog

The Bubbling Blowhog is a relative of the Puffy Blowhog. It blows water vapor at Pikmin and leaders, blowing them around, knocking them over, and causing all but Blue Pikmin to begin drowning if they are hit by the attack.

Camo Blowhog

Main article: Camo Blowhog

The Camo Blowhog is a transparent Blowhog that will change the color of its skin to suit the environment. If spotted, it will spit out a pink mist that blinds leaders and sends Pikmin into a panic.

Caramel Blowhog

Main article: Caramel Blowhog

The Caramel Blowhog is a land-based blowhog that can spew from its trunk a substance that quickly hardens into a crystalline solid shortly after settling. Its top and sides are covered in crystal, protecting it from attackers.

Caustic Blowhog

Main article: Caustic Blowhog

The Caustic Blowhog is a prehistoric, furry version of the Watery Blowhog. They spit out scalding water, which can instantly kill any but Blue Pikmin. However, they are extremely hostile to any other Blowhogs around it, and can be distracted.

Charging Blowhog

Main article: Charging Blowhog

The Charging Blowhog is a pink-skinned Blowhog with a yellow-tipped trunk. It will appear to be about to use a breath attack, but then it will start blindly running in a straight path, knocking around and deflowering Pikmin.

Control Blowhog

Main article: Control Blowhog

The Control Blowhog can spew chemicals out of its trunk to control Pikmin and make them follow it. However, unlike its other relatives, it cannot shake off Pikmin.

Corrosive Blowhog

Main article: Corrosive Blowhog

The Corrosive Blowhog is a more ancient and furry species of the Munge Blowhog. They spit a toxic gas which kills all but White Pikmin. However, they are extremely hostile to any other Blowhogs around it, and can be distracted.

Dark Matter Blowhog

Main article: Dark Matter Blowhog

The Darkfreeze Blowhog is a Puffy Blowhog infused with Darkfreeze energy. It is dark blue, with black veins on its body. Its trunk and fins are covered in sharp ice blades, and its back is covered with long ice spines. When it blows air onto leaders or Pikmin, it not only pushes them a short distance away but it also freezes them.

Darkfreeze Blowhog

Main article: Darkfreeze Blowhog

The Darkmatter Blowhog is a blowhog that spews fire, water and dark matter. The dark matter can create holes in the ground which can make Pikmin fall through them, but not leaders. The Blowhog adapts its hazards based on what Pikmin its fighting.

Death Spiked Withering Blowhog

Main article: Death Spiked Withering Blowhog

These are Withering Blowhogs that have been infected by a DeathSpike Fragment. They are found in a variety of environments. It will attempt to blow Pikmin away and wither their flower or bud. It will sometimes give off a purple flash and harmless purple electricity will arc between its spikes. Harmless purple electricity can be seen in the air when it blows as well.

Drill Pumphog

Main article: Drill Pumphog

The Drill Pumphog is a species of Blowhog with a brown hue. The Blowhog will dig underground, before popping up beneath the Pikmin and scattering around. After this, they spew out a bunch of rocks to finish off their prey.

Dual Blowhog

Main article: Dual Blowhog

The Dual Blowhog is actually a Fiery Blowhog and Watery Blowhog fused into two; being able to spew both fire and water at Pikmin.

Electric Blowhog

Main article: Electric Blowhog

The Electric Blowhog is a land-based blowhog that spews electricity from its yellow-tipped trunk.

Eroding Blowhog

Main article: Eroding Blowhog

The Eroding Blowhog is a smaller species of airborne blowhog. It's a green-skinned blowhog with yellow stripes running along its back, with a yellow-tinted underbelly and yellow tips on their fins. They always have a tired expression on their eyes. The breath of the Eroding Blowhog causes leaders and Pikmin to be temporarily encased in stone in a similar manner to ultra-bitter spray.

Explosive Blowhog

Main article: Explosive Blowhog

The Explosive Blowhog is a species of Blowhog that spews out a dangerous, volatile substance.

Fiery Blowhog

Main article: Fiery Blowhog

The Fiery Blowhog is a cousin of the Watery Blowhog which has a red snout and spits fire, making Red Pikmin useful against them. When agitated, Fiery Blowhogs will buck, sending any attacking Pikmin flying.

Fiery Blowlet

Main article: Fiery Blowlet

The Fiery Blowlet is the younger version of the Fiery Blowhog. To attack, they either blow streams of fire or shoot small fireballs. Like the Fiery Blowhog, it can buck Pikmin off of its back.


Main article: Floataswine

The Floataswine is a relative of airborne blowhogs that has evolved to live underwater. Instead of blowing Pikmin away, the Floataswine inhales them and spits them away from the leader they were following. Floataswines can even inhale Pikmin standing on a shoreline, potentially resulting in drowning Pikmin.

Flora Blowhog

Main article: Flora Blowhog

The Flora Blowhog is an aerial, green Blowhog. It is like the Withering Blowhog, but has greater resistance.

Frostback Blowhog

Main article: Frostback Blowhog

The Frostback Blowhog resembles other land-based blowhogs, but the rear half of its blue body is covered in a shell of ice, protecting it from damage anywhere but its face. A threatened Frostback Blowhog will charge forward after bucking Pikmin off of it, trampling them and reducing them to leaf stage.

Frosthop Blowhog

Main article: Frosthop Blowhog

The Frosthop Blowhog is an airborne blowhog That is at least partially transparent and has alternating cyan and blue bands spanning the entire length of its body and chunks of either crystal or ice on its backside. Its behavior is unknown, but judging from its orientation, it possibly could have hovered over Pikmin and leaders by blowing air onto them, maybe to prevent Pikmin from being thrown or make them cold.

Giga Watery Blowhog

Main article: Giga Watery Blowhog

The Giga Watery Blowhog is so big because it gives birth to Newborn Blowlets. This massive creature sprays water at its foes and sprays radiation on the newborns to make them able to spray water. The radiation is deadly to all Pikmin and leaders. The Giga Watery Blowhog births Newborn Blowlets even after death, making it dangerous for any Pikmin besides Blue Pikmin carrying its carcass.

Gloomy Blowhog

Main article: Gloomy Blowhog

The Gloomy Blowhog is a land-faring blwohog infected by the parasitic Gloomshroom and that spews wither.

Golem Blowhog

Main article: Golem Blowhog

Golem Blowhogs are made entirely out of stone and cannot expel any form of hazard from their trunks. However, their increased weight and bulk enables them to charge into Pikmin to kill them. Despite their large amount of health, they are not very quick to react to taking damage.

Grounding Blowhog

Main article: Grounding Blowhog

Grounding Blowhogs are related to the Withering Blowhog, but affect Pikmin in the opposite manner. Pikmin that are hit by their breath will become buried and gain flowers, where they can be plucked, making Grounding Blowhogs somewhat similar to Mamutas.

Heavy Blowhog

Main article: Heavy Blowhog

The Heavy Blowhog is similar to the Withering Blowhog, but with eyestalks and four vents on top, and an orange-green gradient coloration.

Icy Blowhog

Main article: Icy Blowhog

The Icy Blowhog is an airborne blowhog that blows cold air at Pikmin and leaders. Since it is a cold-based attack, cold-resistant Pikmin such as Ice Pikmin and Cyan Pikmin cannot be harmed by their attack.

Indigo Blowhog

Main article: Indigo Blowhog

The Indigo Blowhog is a large, indigo counterpart of the Puffy Blowhog. It blows away Pikmin and captains like its usual counterpart, but has much more health.

Jackle Blowhog

Main article: Jackle Blowhog

It is similar in shape to the Puffy Blowhog, but lacks stripes; instead, this airborne blowhog's body is light blue color with hot pink fins and dark green markings around its eyes. The Jackle Blowhog exhales weakly in comparison to the Puffy Blowhog, but when it inhales it sucks nearby Pikmin in. The Pikmin inside the Jackle Blowhog eventually die if they are left inside it for too long, but they may escape should the creature blow air at Pikmin outside of its body or if the creature dies.

Jamboree Blowhog

Main article: Jamboree Blowhog

The Jamboree Blowhog is a green, unused Blowhog with an elongated snout; which would've blown air at any Pikmin nearby.

Light Bulbhog

Main article: Light Bulbhog

Light Blowhogs are grounded Blowhogs with a lightbulb at the end of their snout. If threatened, their snout emits an extremely fierce ray of light which will blind any predator and stun any Pikmin caught by the beam.

Magnetic Puffhog

Main article: Magnetic Puffhog

The Magnetic Puffhog is large Blowhog that emits a large, pink magnetic field when deflated. However, if it is inflated, it will attempt to roll over and crush Pikmin. Rock Pikmin are best to use, as the creature is vulnerable to blunt force.

Mortar Flipperhog

Main article: Mortar Flipperhog

The Mortar Flipperhog is a large Puffy Blowhog with a crystalline mortal shell. If the shell is shattered by Granite Pikmin, it renders the creature defenseless.

Muddy Blowhog

Main article: Muddy Blowhog

The Muddy Blowhog is a close relative to the Fiery Blowhog and Watery Blowhog. It has a brown-tipped trunk, out of which is can spew mud.

Mortar Blowhog

Main article: Light Bulbhog

The Mortar Blowhog is a reddish Blowhog that shoots out a slow moving explosive; which will explode upon contact with anything.

Munge Werehog

Main article: Munge Werehog

The Munge Werehog is a blue furred creature that shoots poison at its enemies. Its fierce nature seems to scare Red Pikmin.

Needlesnout Blowhog

Main article: Needlesnout Blowhog

The Needlesnout Blowhog is a mechanical blowhog that hovers in the air with its propeller and attacks by swapping its mouth for a spike and then charging towards Pikmin and leaders. Its whole body is its weak point that is vulnerable to Rock Pikmin and bomb rocks, similar to Worker Beebs.

Newborn Blowlet

Main article: Newborn Blowlet

Newborn Blowlets are tiny, baby blowhogs given birth to by giant blowhogs. At first, they cannot directly harm Pikmin as they don't have their elemental attacks, but they are granted this ability when they are sprayed with radiation. Different kinds of radiation can cause it to use different elemental abilities.

Oily Blowhog

Main article: Oily Blowhog

The Oily Blowhog is a black tipped Blowhog that spews out lubricant at its prey which choke any non Oil Pikmin.

Overcharge Blowhog

Main article: Overcharge Blowhog

The Overcharge Blowhog is similar in shape to the Puffy Blowhog. Like the relationship between the Fiery Blowhog and the Watery Blowhog, the Overcharge Blowhog is a creature that not only uses an electric current to keep its body stable for its floating hydrogen air sac but can also release highly ionized air that reacts upon exiting the blowhog's snout, resulting in a blast of lightning.

Pebbleback Blowhog

Main article: Pebbleback Blowhog

The Pebbleback Blowhog is a ground-based blowhog that spits a barrage of pebbles at its attackers.

Poisonous Blowhog

Main article: Poisonous Blowhog

Poisonous Blowhogs look like their ground-based relatives but have purple snouts instead. As its name would imply, the Poisonous Blowhog spews poison from its trunk, making White Pikmin useful against it.

Puffy Blowhog

Main article: Puffy Blowhog

The Puffy Blowhog resembles the Withering Blowhog but is larger, and has purple and light blue stripes on its body and spines on its back. Its breath is stronger than that of the Withering Blowhog, having a larger affected area and sending Pikmin flying.

Puffy Blowlet

Main article: Puffy Blowlet

Puffy Blowlets are the younger form of the Puffy Blowhog. They are easily grounded and their breath attack can only blow Pikmin around. It can, however, blow over lighter Pikmin that are caught in the direct center of the blast, though this is infrequent.

Radioactive Blowhog

Main article: Radioactive Blowhog

The Radioactive Blowhog is a mutated relative of the Fiery Blowhog and Watery Blowhog that spews radioactive waste from its snout.

Screeching Blowhog

Main article: Screeching Blowhog

The Screeching Blowhog looks exactly like its cousins, but it has a pink snout, pink eyes, and a pink tint to its body. This type of blowhog will make a screeching noise. The power of its screech rivals that of a Puffy Blohog's breath attack and can deflower Pikmin.

Sickened Blowhog

Main article: Sickened Blowhog

The Sickened Blowhog is a mutated form of the Puffy Blowhog and thrives as a species. It only slightly resembles a Puffy Blowhog: its body is dark purple and it has two pairs of vestigial fins that simply limply hang from its swollen body. Its trunk is now a strange tentacle that it eats Pikmin with. Instead of blowing air at Pikmin, it will fly over them and drop bubbles of poison gas onto them that burst and spread outwards when they hit the ground.

Sleet Pumphog

Main article: Sleet Pumphog

Sleet Pumphogs are Blowhogs that suck in ice to feed and use as attacks. If Pikmin are touched by the attack, they freeze; and break when touched. If the ice remains, it will cover the ground, making the battle much harder due to the slippery terrain.

Smoky Blowhog

Main article: Smoky Blowhog

It is a variety of elemental land-based blowhog that looks extremely similar to the Fiery Blowhog and Watery Blowhog except it has a shiny-black tip to its trunk and a darker shade to its foggy-patterned skin. It spews a hazy, toxic gas that is like the poison gas emitted by the Smoky Progg, which kills all Pikmin that touch it except for White Pikmin.

Sniper Pumphog

Main article: Sniper Pumphog

The Sniper Pumphog is a green Blowhog that consumes pellets to shoot at leaders from a small distance; using their high intelligence to aim at very precise areas.

Somnolent Blowhog

Main article: Somnolent Blowhog

Somnolent Blowhogs are shown to be excessively tired, and spit a mist that instantly puts Pikmin to sleep.

Static Blowhog

Main article: Static Blowhog

The Static Blowhog floats in the air with its outer skin puffing up and retracting to keep airborne. This foe rumbles its inner body and makes static electricity against its skin and directing it out with its snout. It can also inhale Pikmin and shock them. After it is finished sparking, it spits the Pikmin out at a high velocity towards its attackers.

Sticky Blowhog

Main article: Sticky Blowhog

The Sticky Blowhog is a land-based blowhog that has a black-tipped trunk and spews sticky black adhesive. This gunk immobilizes all Pikmin types but Black Pikmin, but the Sticky Blowhog is completely harmless otherwise.

Suckerpunch Blowhog

Main article: Suckerpunch Blowhog

The Suckerpunch Blowhog is a blowhog that uses its snout to stick to floors. It then slings its body in one direction and rebounds into Pikmin and leaders to knock them away.

Telescoping Pumphog

Main article: Telescoping Pumphog

Telescoping Pumphogs are turret-like enemies that are completely stationary and are difficult to kill when they charge up an attack. Some remain at the same altitude, but others delve underground and pop back up to shoot projectiles. Telescoping Pumphogs are usually found guarding an important path or object. When stationary, they sit about, facing a set direction. When leaders or Pikmin come into range, they will rise, revealing their tube-like body which inflates. They then push down, which fires out a projectile from their snouts--this projectile is usually a spiked ball, but some variants can shoot objects like bomb rocks.

Thunderhead Blowboar

Main article: Thunderhead Blowboar

The Thunderhead Blowboar is an unusual blowhog that utilizes a wide array of powerful abilities and is surrounded by a storm cloud. It is significantly larger than other varieties of airborne blowhog. It has a multitude of attacks, such as generating lightning and loud thunder, blowing wind that can crush, bury, or throw Pikmin off the tree it is fought on, and generating heavy rainfall and hail. Sometimes the air it blows is frigid. The Thunderhead Blowboar can use multiple attacks at once to ensure nothing is safe.

Toy Blowhog

Main article: Toy Blowhog

The Toy Blowhog is a Mission Mode exclusive enemy in the game Pikmin E. It is a large, wooden carved toy tied on a string that resembles a Withering Blowhog. Despite being made of wood, it will puff air at Pikmin on sight. When this happens, it makes a whistle-like sound that causes Pikmin to group around the creature. When this happens, it will start slowly lowering down and once on the ground, will eat all pikmin surrounding it. You can't stop it from whistling, but you can whistle your Pikmin back.

Watery Blowhog

Main article: Watery Blowhog

Watery Blowhogs look similar to Fiery Blowhogs, except that their snouts are tipped with blue instead of red. They also buck any attacking Pikmin off. Instead of fire, they spit out water that gets stuck on the stems of all Pikmin but Blue Pikmin.

Watery Blowlet

Main article: Watery Blowlet

The Watery Blowlet is the younger version of the Watery Blowhog and the water-based equivalent to Fiery Blowlets. They can either spew streams of water or release weak blasts of water at Pikmin and leaders.

Wavering Blowhog

Main article: Wavering Blowhog

The Wavering Blowhog has a bloated, rotund body that is green in color and with a yellow face, and its smooth rear lacks defensive spines, being covered in small red spots instead. Its stiff snout never droops and is a straight tube with a slight funnel at the end. It is an airborne blowhog that blows air in a concentrated area, greatly increasing its strength and range. Because of this, the creature waves its entire body back and forth to allow the spray to cover a large area, hence its name.

Withering Blowhog

Main article: Withering Blowhog

The Withering Blowhog is a smaller variation of the Puffy Blowhog, and it is red and yellow with a white underside. When Pikmin are nearby, the Withering Blowhog will move into position and attack by blowing a large gust of air. Unlike the Puffy Blowhog, the Withering Blowhog does not merely blow Pikmin around but also deflowers them in the process.

Withering Blowlet

Main article: Withering Blowlet

Withering Blowlets are the younger form of Withering Blowhogs. They cannot blow over Pikmin whatsoever, but their breath attack can push Pikmin around slightly as well as reduce their maturity by one stage.

Woolly Blowhog

Main article: Woolly Blowhog

It resembles a blue Withering Blowhog with soft white fur covering its body, longer whiskers, and red eyes, causing it to blend in with the foggy white scenery of the area. It attacks by blowing freezing cold air at Pikmin, encasing them in solid ice.