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Can I clean up the Pikmin Section? Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat

Yup, you can. See, the first time I tried to post an infobox, I couldn't get the picture I wanted to be the right size. Now that I have the correct pictures, I only need a Black Pikmin; I could probably do the infoboxes, but sure, you can help me! ~ P2 Olimar icon.png Alpo499 (talk to me!)
Well, it's called a wiki table, not an infobox. I will make it, and you should be able to clearly see the difference. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat
Alright. Thanks! ~ P2 Olimar icon.png Alpo499 (talk to me!)

Yes check.png Done. Wraith[icon]Admin, Bureaucrat

Thanks so much, it looks so awesome. I love it! ~ P2 Olimar icon.png Alpo499 (talk to me!)

Why are there no Purple or White Pikmin? ~ I'm PikP2 Yellow Bulborb icon.pngFan23 and I approve this Bulborb. (Sysop)