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How exactly the Hocotate Ship is alive on that game if on the previous game it got... Ummmm... Wrecked better saying, or that or it got somehow fixed, could be that too who knows. Blower Pot icon.pngBlower Pot Talk | Contributions | Fanon game

lil edit

hey dude just wanted to fix a lil thing on the introduction page. hope you dont mind. this is what i edited [and enemies from all four mainline Pikmin games and some from Hey! Pikmin. There are also new concepts, like multi-layered areas, new cave types like towers, and new puzzles.] i just wanted to edit from 3 to 4 now due to pikmin 4's release. P4 Grubchucker icon.pngAkram0218 Talk

So is this still linked to Pikmin Evolution?

Are we still linking this game to Pikmin Evolution, I am just asking since if you're not interested in this project anymore, I was going to make it independent of that game's timeline. If not, are you still able to assist me in that game? I'm AAA.png Glubbfubb, and AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!