Pikmin: Decayed Leaf

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"Every step you take on my planet, every animal slaughtered, every plant destroyed, has an effect on me, Olimar."
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Pikmin: Decayed Leaf
Rating E 10+
Genre Real-time strategy puzzle
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Media Cartridge
Publisher Nintendo
Release dates 2023
Creator Soundwave

Pikmin: Decayed Leaf is a fanon game concept created by Soundwave and for the Nintendo Switch. The game's events place after those of Pikmin 3, being set a few years after Olimar returns home. It features new treasures, two new Pikmin types, and enemies from all three mainline Pikmin games and some from Hey! Pikmin. There are also new concepts, like multi-layered areas, new cave types like towers, and new puzzles.


Long after Captain Olimar managed to leave PNF-404 with his subordinate Louie thanks to the help of the Rescue Corps, he begins to live his normal life yet again, working at Hocotate Freight to support his family. However, things would not last long. After a few months, Olimar receives a distress call from Schacho, his employer and the president of Hocotate Freight. Although the president has managed to have better control over how he spends his money, yet another unfortunate tragedy happened outside of his control. The secret safe that he kept in his office was broken into, and every single Poko was taken from it. Due to this, the company was yet again in debt, a staggering grand total of P2 Poko icon.png × 50,000. However, thanks to the scouting of the Hocotate ship, which was thankfully recovered and repaired after its unfortunate demise in Pikmin 3, there have been reports of treasures still on PNF-404, more than enough to pay off the debt. So, with their goal set in mind, Olimar and Louie enter the ship and blast off to the distant planet, unaware of the chaotic events that will ensue...

Olimar and Louie make their very first landing in the Enchanted Shore, without it ending in disaster. As they exit their ship, the Hocotate vessel begins to talk.

P2 Research Pod icon.png Well, men! Are we ready to continue our daily activities of grueling, back-breaking work for our company?

Olimar and Louie obviously groan. They look around them, realizing they have landed in a beach area. After exploring for a little bit, they end up stumbling across the Blue Pikmin, fighting an Ocean Dumple. After defeating the creature and improving their numbers with Pellet Posies, Pellet Kelp, and any other resources they can find, they find their first cave not too far nearby: the Puddle Alcoves. Once traversing through the cave and collecting their first bout of treasure, they leave for the day, an overwhelming success. Once they traverse long enough, they end up discovering a cave in the area, the Lost Rainforest. They end up finding the Lone Bell, which seemingly cowers in their presence. After defeating the boss, it ends up spitting out an extremely valuable treasure and runs off. The two captains use this treasure to convert radar energy, a process learned from the Rescue Corps, and they discover the Badlands. They make their marks for that area and travel there soon after.

In the Badlands, they begin to make more process, collecting more treasures. They find the Red Onion here. They end up detecting yet another large pile of loot that can expand their range. However, they eventually run into a roadblock, being the Unobtaniumander. Due to the creature's impenetrable armor, it protects the treasure which resides in its lair. However, the more they traverse the area and caves, the more of an unknown, glowing substance they find. They bring it back to the ship, which it converts into Antianium armor. Once this is applied to the captains and Pikmin, this allows them to actually harm and do damage to the creature's armor. Once defeated, they collect the treasure, and expand their range, discovering the Mushroom Marsh.

In the Mushroom Marsh, they find the Yellow Onion. They also encounter yet again another threat that terrorizes them, the Gloomy Progg. Once noon strikes, the creature breaks open from its egg and slowly hunts them down. As Olimar and Louie try to survive this beast, they also inadvertently discover the Glow Pikmin nest. Due to this, the raid feature is unlocked for the area and all discovered areas. Using Glow Pikmin, they end up taking on the creature at night. Due to the Glow Pikmin's immunity to gloom, they end up defeating the Gloomy Progg. The creature ends up dropping more treasure for the ship to expand its radar. Due to this, they end up finding the Mystical Fields. They head there soon after.

In the Mystical Fields, they end up picking one of the numerous islands to land on. They also find the Winged Onion. Due to the hard-to-traverse area, the captains can choose where to land before the day starts. No matter where they land, they cannot land on the very top island, as it's blocked by some form of psychic barrier. This barrier is created by the Z-Borb, which resides on the island. After the long process of hopping from island to island, creating pathways and slowly making their way upwards, they end up reaching the Z-Borb. Although they cannot land on the island, they can still pass through the barrier. After fighting the creature, they end up defeating it. The Z-Borb spits out its extremely valuable Z-crystal which gave it mystical powers. Collecting this crystal gives their radar a massive boost, allowing for a concealed, far-away area to be discovered. That being the Abandoned Rustbelt. They travel there soon after.

In the Abandoned Rustbelt, they continue their debt repayment, getting extremely close to successfully paying off their dues. The Oil Onion is found here. After snooping around, they discover an extremely large mechanical anomaly, a tank. After managing to traverse the large machine, they discover the Tank Porthole. Traversing this cave leads them to the end, popping them out and right on top of the tank's cannon. Right next to the entrance of the cannon lays several bomb rocks. Olimar was planning to leave then and there, but Louie ends up cracking the bomb rocks and throwing them right into the cannon of the tank. The explosions that followed inside of it caused the machine to rumble. Realizing the danger that would ensue, the Hocotate ship picks up all the Pikmin and captains as fast as possible. The tank fires off an extremely volatile cannon blast, shaking the whole area and being heard from across the land. After this, the ground began to rumble, as the Ancient Bulblax had been awoken from its slumber. As it began to wander the area, Olimar and Louie took it on. After taking out the beast once and for all, it drops an extremely valuable treasure and the very elusive Rock Onion. Once collected, the debt is repaid, the radar is expanded, and the crew can return home.

As the crew returned to Hocotate Freight and showed their riches to the President, the President did not care. In fact, he was enraged. He had found out the truth of what happened to all of his riches; Louie had broken into their safe and stolen it! Louie had wanted to start his own cooking show, so he stole the riches of the company in order to fund one. As Olimar goes to look back at his subordinate in disappointment, he realizes that Louie is gone. He had blasted off without anyone knowing, heading back to PNF-404. Captain Olimar, realizing the direness of the situation, takes the president and the Hocotate ship back to the planet in order to hunt Louie down. Not before the ship gains a new coat of diamond paint, of course.


As Louie crash lands into the Enchanted Shore, it catches the attention of one certain individual, the Overlord of All Lifeforms. The guardian had already been alerted after the tank explosion, so he was searching for who or what caused it. He ends up stumbling across Louie, immediately recognizing him from all the chaos and cooked animals he ate on his planet. As the guardian held back his anger, he tried to talk to him to find out what he was doing back on PNF-404. It didn't matter, however, as Louie threw sand into the being's eyes and ran off at immense speed. As the guardian regained his senses, he realized Louie was gone. He ends up searching for the pesky Hocotatian, in an attempt to imprison him until he can get some information out of him.

As the new squad lands in the Snowstorm Hill, they begin their search for Louie. They also find the Ice Onion inadvertently, and end up finding a signal in the area that they think is from Louie. They begin searching around, and they find an odd, bronze, liquid substance emitting the signal. The creature turns into the Bronze Wraith, revealing its true, predatory intentions. After fighting and defeating the creature, they collect its core. The boss also drops the White Onion. The core gives the ship another radar boost, discovering the Autumn River. They travel there soon after.

In the new area, they end up finding the Dart Onion. But soon after, they find another distress signal in the Abandoned Rustbelt. Due to the radar's expanded range, they can detect these signals. But suddenly, the one signal multiplied into dozens, signifying that there were hundreds of castaways in the area. Olimar, genuinely concerned, travels to the area as soon as possible. As they land, they find that the cave known as the Forgotten contains these signals. Once they reach the final sublevel, they end up finding the Last Devouron. The creature ends up spitting out a small device, an SOS tracker. It falls near a pile of hundreds of them, surrounded by helmets, whistles, and leather. A horrifying realization set into Olimar; the Devouron had been consuming hundreds of castaways for food, spitting out their SOS trackers to attract more who dared enter. Olimar ends up taking on the beast, defeating it with the help of the Pikmin. The Devouron ends up dropping the Purple Onion. As it blares its deafening roar upon defeat, it attracts the Overlord, who manages to arrive right as Olimar and the president leave the area at night. Seeing that Olimar had yet again returned, the Overlord sets it in his sights to find him, giving Louie back and kicking them off the planet.

As Olimar tries to recover, they find another signal in the Badlands, this time being confirmed to be Louie. As they rush over to the area, they find the signal in the cave known as the Skull. Olimar, hoping another devouron was not in there, traversed down the area. They end up finding Louie, who is behind a strange machine. After attempting to reason with him, he turns it on, initiating the fight with the Universal Collider. Once defeating the machine, Louie is found by the Overlord and teleported right in front of him. The Overlord was angered from their last encounter, ensuring Louie would not lose his sights. However, Louie ends up sending a Collider claw right at the Overlord, distracting him. He runs off yet again, ensuring that he was still out there.

Still on the search for Louie, the ship blasts right off into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, a small space rock hits the ship, causing the radar to fall off. The radar falls into the Autumn River, meaning Olimar can only travel there to attempt to find it. During his search, he inevitably finds it. However, the Leech Hydroe had found it first, absorbing the machine and hopping into a nearby plant to hide. However, unaware of the true power of the radar, the plant mutates, growing to an insane, destructive size, becoming the Berserk Leech Hydroe. Once defeated, the creature will spit out its seed, the Cactus Onion and another treasure, and the small Hydro flees. However, this small parasite fled to the Mushroom Marsh, infecting a nearby Sovereign Bulblax. As the creature began to consume species of its own kind, it ended up mutating and malforming from the parasite, forming the Penance Grub-dog. They end up finding a new area as well, the Adolescent Reserve.

Receiving a signal from the marsh, they travel back there and find the grub-dog causing chaos. They end up defeating it, revealing the Hydroe host yet again. This time, it flees, never to be seen again.

At night, they end up receiving some sort of mechanical signal from the Abandoned Rustbelt. Having a suspicion that it could be Louie, they land in the area. They end up finding Louie, who is working on a robot made from the various metallic parts found around the area. Once he spots the group, he ends up running into the machine, turning it on and revealing the new and advanced robot, the Mecha-Louie 2.0. Due to Louie's persistence to not come back home, they end up battling the massive machine. Once defeated, the machine falls apart. Olimar thought Louie had nowhere left to run, but Louie suddenly blasted off and escaped due to the head of the machine functioning as a small space pod. The large head ended up crashing in an isolated location in the Mystical Fields. Louie ends up wandering around, finding a jar concealed from even the most persistent of creatures. Thinking it was food, he opened it, and Nebula was released.

Nebula began to wreak havoc on the Mystical Fields. The Overlord was unaware of this at first, he was busy searching other areas for Louie. However, the commotion and negative energy attracted the group to find out what was going on. They end up finding the demon, and finding out his true intentions of destroying all lifeforms on PNF-404. They end up fighting the being, who began to tear through the group's reserve of Pikmin at first. However, the persistence of the Pikmin caused the demon to be "defeated". He then reveals he cannot be killed by physical life-forms, preparing to destroy them all. But suddenly, hundreds of thousands of Glow Pikmin come to the aid of Olimar, becoming a Glow bomb the size of a house. The large ball charges right into Nebula, and despite his resistance, is disintegrated by the pure light and power of the Glow Pikmin. The massive explosion ends up unearthing a buried onion, the Fur Onion. Olimar gives the Pikmin their thanks, as they fly away back to their nests. The Overlord only finds out about the demon's death later on when he checks on the jar, finding the ashes of Nebula and an open jar.

Returning to their search in the Adolescent Reserve, they find the Iguana Onion. They also find a strange, familiar signal in the Electronic Testing Range. They travel deep into the cave, finding the Cosmic Complex Bulbot. The creature attempts to speak to them, but the Pikmin register the beast as a threat, starting a fight between the group. Once the boss is defeated, the Bulbot tries again to explain his true intentions. Being a mystical entity, he can see everything that happened before so far. He tells Olimar that he is the sentient grub-dog that the Overlord of All Lifeforms sent to watch over the grub-dog species. He lets him know who the Overlord is, and why he's hunting him. Leaving him with one more piece of information, he tells the group that Louie has returned to the Enchanted Shore, controlling a terrible beast. The Bulbot powers up the radar, revealing the Nostalgic Navel.

In the Enchanted Shore, the group ends up finding Louie, sitting on a pile of treasures. The treasures end up revealing themselves as an army of forcets, and a more powerful Titan Dweevil. Taking on the spider and its army will eventually result in its defeat, and fleeing of the area. Louie ends up fleeing, not being found for a long time. The group finds yet again another signal in the Abandoned Rustbelt. Knowing it's not Louie, they still decide to check it out anyway.

Landing in the area, they end up traveling to the extremely tall tower, Fire Breach. After traversing the tower, they discover the Devastator. The group ends up taking on the ginormous mechanical crab, destroying the arena around them. As they end up destroying the giant beast, the entire tower begins to crumble and collapse. The research pod helps the group escape their impending doom. Due to this event, the tower can never be accessed again. The Devastator ends up dropping the Steel Onion. A while after, Louie had been detected yet again from a signal in the Nostalgic Navel. They end up traveling there to find them.

In the area, they end up seeing the ginormous arachnorb known as the Lunar Long Legs. Being ten times as large as a Quaggled Mireclops, it acts as its own area. Along with Louie residing on the creature, the final Onion, the Rubber Onion, is found there as well. They end up spotting Louie jump into a cave in the beast, the Arachnorb Descent. After managing to avoid the large beast's slow-moving feet, they end up entering the cave. Traversing through sublevels filled with arachnorbs, they go to the final sublevel, where the Lunar Long Legs' heart acts as a boss to fight. Once destroyed, the beast will be killed, slowly disintegrating. The captains, ship, and Pikmin fall out of the cave, but in the commotion, Louie runs off yet again. Due to the boss's death, the Arachnorb Descent cannot be accessed after its defeat.

A while later exploring, the Ice Mountain tower located in the Snowstorm Hill is revealed to the group. The group ends up entering the tower. After traversing to the very top, they end up finding a large, metallic platform armed with fans. Stepping on the fan, the Revengeful Crawbster falls from the sky, being sent by the Overlord to take out the Pikmin and capture Olimar. After battling and defeating the creature, it ends up reviving and being teleported away by the Overlord, the Pikmin and Olimar surviving the encounter.

The very next time the group ends up entering the Adolescent Reserve, the Plasm Wraith can be found wandering around the area. This form was taken on by the Overlord in order to hunt down Pikmin which led to Olimar. Seeing Olimar, the Overlord attempts to take on the group, but it ends up resulting in a major, destructive battle. This ends up resulting in the defeat and retreat of the Overlord. However, another signal is found in the Nostalgic Navel. The group travels there in hopes of finding Louie.

Going to the Nostalgic Navel, they end up traveling down the Endless Descent, an extremely long and brutal cave that contains the source of the signal. After reaching the end of the cave, they end up finding the destroyed remains of a familiar machine. This machine is suddenly possessed by a strange, gray goo, becoming the undead beast known as Undead A.X.E.M. Once this sentient robot is taken on and defeated, it will explode into a flurry of shards and metal, dropping the small goo pile. The goo will suddenly expand in size, revealing itself as the Oozore. The beast ends up kidnapping the president and running off. The Overlord ends up finding the remains of his dead best friend, defiled and destroyed. In a blind rage, he ends up flying to an unknown area...

Tracking down the beast ends up leading Olimar and the ship into the Autumn River. There, they enter the Spiraling Nest. At the top of the tower lay the Oozore and the president. Taking on the malicious goo will end up in its defeat and release of the president. Its core can also be collected for treasure, allowing for the final area to be discovered. In that area, Louie could be detected, and the Overlord of All Lifeforms was searching there as well. Everything was coming to an end at last. Olimar and the ship end up traveling into the final area, the Land of Faith.

In the final area, they end up scouring the whole place, with no sign of Louie despite his signal. Once all treasures are collected, and all areas, raids, and caves are 100%, Louie's signal can suddenly be found at night. As Olimar and the president leave the ship, they find Louie, possessing a familiar dog, the Ancient Sirehound. This ends up in a brutal fight, resulting in the death of the dog. Louie finally admits defeat, as the captains prepare to leave the planet. However, the commotion ends up attracting the Overlord of All Lifeforms to their location. As he approaches his pet, he ends up realizing that the Sirehound was killed. This was the last straw for the guardian, as with the single blast of his finger, the entire Hocotate ship was destroyed. In his fury, he declares that he will kill Olimar, Louie, the president, and the entire Pikmin species, initiating the final boss fight.




Game modes



All Pikmin types return from all four mainline Pikmin games. Along with them, six new Pikmin types each with their own unique abilities appear.

  • Red Pikmin – these Pikmin do heavy damage and are resistant to fire. Red Pikmin are discovered in The Badlands, being the second type to be discovered.
  • Yellow Pikmin – these Pikmin can carry bomb rocks, can be thrown high, and are immune to electricity. Yellow Pikmin are discovered in Mushroom Marsh, being the seventh type to be discovered.
  • Blue Pikmin – these Pikmin do weak damage but can swim in water and save drowning Pikmin. Blue Pikmin are discovered in Enchanted Shore, being the first type to be discovered.
  • Rock Pikmin – these Pikmin do heavy damage but can not latch onto enemies. They can break down crystal and crystal walls. Rock Pikmin are discovered in Snowstorm Hill, being the eighth type to be discovered.
  • Winged Pikmin – these Pikmin do weak damage but can fly over hazards and enemies while carrying objects. Winged Pikmin are discovered in Mystical Fields, being the fifth type to be discovered.
  • Purple Pikmin – these Pikmin do heavy damage with stunning properties and can carry objects that are ten times their weight. Purple Pikmin are discovered in Mushroom Marsh, being the fourth type to be discovered.
  • White Pikmin – these Pikmin are fast, can dig objects underground, and are resistant to poison. White Pikmin are discovered in Enchanted Shore, being the third type to be discovered.
  • Bulbmin – these parasitic creatures are found only in caves. They do good damage and are immune to every hazard. However, they can not be taken out of caves. They can be found at any time.
  • Puffmin – these Pikmin are infected by a Puffstool's spores. They will attack other Pikmin and the captains until the Puffstool is killed.
  • Ice Pikmin – these Pikmin are immune to ice attacks, can freeze enemies and bodies of water, and can destroy hydro jellies. If consumed, they will freeze enemies who ate them. Ice Pikmin are found only in buds or in the wild.
  • Glow Pikmin – these Pikmin are immune to all hazards, and can turn into glowmobs to stun and easily kill enemies. They also gain flowers over time and teleport to the active or nearest leader when idle. However, they can only be taken out during nighttime raids.
  • Dart Pikmin – these Pikmin can be thrown like a javelin, doing extreme damage to most enemies hit by them. Once thrown onto an enemy, the Pikmin must pop themselves out before attacking the creature. They are immune to no hazards
  • Cactus Pikmin – these Pikmin do constant damage as long as they are latched onto a creature, along with their super fast attack speed. Water attacks from enemies will temporarily strengthen the Cactus Pikmin, but ice attacks kill them instantly. They are immune to no elements besides being sprayed with water, but blunt force attacks that don't result in being eaten cannot harm them.
  • Iguana Pikmin – these Pikmin resemble lizards. They can walk on walls if needed. Along with this, they are ranged attackers, standing away from enemies and hitting them rapidly with their elongated tongues. They will back away if pursued, but they are not very fast.
  • Fur Pikmin – these Pikmin are brown, furry, and have sharp claws. They can easily do major damage with their claws and are extremely hard to shake off. However, they aren't the fastest attackers. When sent into dirt piles or digging, Fur Pikmin are extremely fast. They are also good at taking down dirt walls. They are immune to no elements except ice, only being slowed down in speed and attack.
  • Rubber Pikmin – these Pikmin can easily deflect fire and electrical attacks back to their attackers. Along with this, they are immune to getting stuck in anything like mud or glue, cannot be frozen, and can latch onto slippery enemies. However, oil, water, and poison attacks can still harm them.
  • Weighted Pikmin – these large, bulky, iron-like Pikmin are extremely slow. However, they can weigh and slow down enemies, and are immune to blunt force. They also do above-average damage. Weighted Pikmin are immune to drowning, but cannot swim, and so they walk on the bottom of the water body. They cannot be picked up by flying creatures or blown away. They are vulnerable to all other hazards.
  • Oil Pikmin – these Pikmin can swim in oil pools and can walk on water. However, if they touch any other hazard, they will instantly evaporate and die. Oil Pikmin are discovered in Abandoned Rustworks, being the sixth type to be discovered.
  • Earth Pikmin – these Pikmin can only be found in dens. They do average damage and are slow, but gain flowers over time. When they die, they create sprouts of random Pikmin. They can be brought out of dens, but run off at the end of the day. They can be found at any time in most dens.


  • Captain Olimar – the main protagonist. He goes off with Louie to PNF-404 to find treasures to pay off the massive debt owed to his company. He ends up returning to the planet to find Louie after he ran off.
  • Louie – the true antagonist. After returning from PNF-404, it was discovered he caused both the old debt and was behind the new thievery which caused Hocotate Freight to be in debt. He ends up stealing the S.S. Dolphin and fleeing to the Land of Faith.
  • Schacho – the President of Hocotate Freight. He is yet again in debt due to matters out of his own control. He ends up going with Olimar to PNF-404 to find Louie.


There are a total of seven new areas. They are mainly based on different real-world biomes, each area having unique gimmicks and puzzles. Each area, except for the final area, has a new Pikmin type to discover. All areas have caves, dens, and towers to explore.

Enchanted Shore

The Enchanted Shore is the very first area Olimar and Louie land in. The area is a tropical beach, leading to different areas based on rainforests, temples, and oceans. Along with that, many tropical-themed enemies and treasures are found here. The Enchanted Shore is full of water, which is why Blue Pikmin are the first to be discovered here. White Pikmin are found here later.


The Badlands

The Badlands is the second area discovered. This place is a dry, humid plateau, seemingly in the middle of the desert. The area is covered in fire geysers and extremely hostile fire enemies. Most caves and towers here are extremely difficult. Red Pikmin are found in this area.


Mushroom Marsh

This area is a marshy swamp covered in pools of water and some oil. Along with this, poison is also prevalent here. Many mushrooms are scattered around the area, leading to many towers and dens being found in mushrooms. Purple Pikmin, and later on, Yellow Pikmin, are found here.


Mystical Fields

This area is found after Mushroom Marsh. The land is covered in fields of flowers, colorful trees, and waterfalls from elevated ground. Mainly, Pikmin and their leaders can ride creatures or elevators to get up to a whole new area above the Mystic Fields, since there are two layers to the area. Most towers are found on the top layer. Winged Pikmin are found here.


Abandoned Rustbelt

This area is located after Mystical Fields. It is a dark, run-down military base. The area is mainly lit up by numerous Glowstems and electrical hazards. The area is also populated by oil pools leaked from military vehicles. Most caves and dens here are metal-themed. Oil Pikmin are found here.


Snowstorm Hill

This area is found after the Abandoned Rustbelt. The area is snow-themed. However, the area is hard to traverse due to its hilly nature. Due to this, Olimar and the Pikmin decide to go into an underground section of the map through dug-out tunnels presumably dug by Snagrets. The underground area is an ice-themed cave, which contains most dens. Rock Pikmin are found here.


Autumn River

This area is of three that can be explored in any order. It is heavily based on the Twilight River, with a lily pad system used to traverse the area. Along with this, there are a lot of elevated parts too, whether it be from tree stumps or elevated pieces of land and bricks. No Pikmin are discovered here.


Adolescent Reserve

This area is of three that can be explored in any order. This area is based on the Hero’s Hideaway and is a small child’s bedroom. Traversing it involves going through fans, pipes, tunnels, and other methods like enemies. A little bit of the exterior can be explored through the bedroom's windowsill. No new Pikmin are found here.


Nostalgic Navel

This area is of three that can be explored in any order. The area is actually a recreation of the Forest Navel. However, there are a few extensions to the area including lava pits, extended pieces of land, plateaus, floating land, and dense fauna. There are also a lot of vicious enemies and bosses found here. No new Pikmin are found here.


Land of Faith

This is the final area where Louie landed after stealing the S.S. Dolphin. The area is filled with every type of hazard and a variety of enemies. There are numerous puzzles, most of which guard the final cave where Louie is presumably hiding. The area is based on the Final Trial, Formidable Oak, and Wistful Wild. No new Pikmin are found here, but the hardest caves are, with one having every single enemy in it.


Cave types

Different cave types are present in the game. Each type of cave has its own unique gimmicks and limitations.

  • Cave – the main areas to be explored. They are usually longer than five sublevels and contain a variety of treasures and creatures. Caves can be found in all areas. Bulbmin can only be found in caves. Caves contain most of the bosses encountered in the story.
  • Den – a smaller version of a cave. They are usually three sublevels or less. A den is sparsely filled with treasures and enemies. Due to this, only fifty Pikmin can be allowed to enter a den. The new Pikmin type, Earth Pikmin, can be found here.
  • Tower – these are found all over each area. They are like caves, but travel is upwards instead of downwards, through ladders. Each floor progressively gets much harder than the last. Along with this, there are no rest areas found in towers, and they can not be escaped from before the end without abandoning all of the Pikmin present. Due to this, it is recommended to be ready for anything a tower contains.


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