Pikmin 2... Again?

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What if it was another story...?
This article or section pertains to Pikmin 2... Again?, a fanon game created by Darryl Omg.
Pikmin 2... Again?
Rating 10+
Genre Action, puzzle, real-time strategy
Prequel Pikmin 2 (chronologically)
Pikmin 4 (release)
Sequel Pikmin 4 (chronologically)
Creator Darryl Omg

Pikmin 2... Again?, also written as Pikmin 2 Again, is a game made by Darryl Omg as a alternate sequel to Pikmin 2, and having more puzzle elements and being overall more difficult.



Hocotate Freight goes into debt yet again, amassing a crushing sum of P2 Poko icon.png × 50,000. Olimar and Louie are sent to PNF-404 yet again to find more treasures and repay their company debt.

Welcome Forest

While preparing to land in the Welcome Forest, the Hocotate Ship ends up hitting a tree, causing both Olimar and Louie to fall out, plummeting to the ground below. Olimar then finds the Red Pikmin attacking a Flatbert, and after helping destroy it, the Red Pikmin join Olimar's side.

Olimar soon finds the entrance to the Underground Greengarden and encounters the new Green Pikmin on one of its sublevels. After leaving it and finding a new location in Welcome Forest, Olimar finds the inactive Red Onion and a sleeping Louie. The Onion activates when approached, which is enough to startle Louie awake. Afterward, Louie becomes a playable character.

Then, a location blocked by a moveable object is found but guarded by a Shockirp. Once pulled out of the way by the Green Pikmin, the Hocotate Ship is finally found. It collects the treasures the Pikmin carried out of the Underground Greengarden.

The area soon begins to darken and the nocturnal predators become active. Fortunately, no Pikmin can be lost during this event as they will be in the Onion and the Green Pikmin will enter the Hocotate Ship.

The following day, the Hocotate Ship detects changes in the area. Looking around, they see the purple wall has been destroyed, opening a new path. The Soil Trouble is found not too far beyond it.


The Supreme Dweevil is defeated, leaving nothing but the Gem of Compensation. However, the Hocotate Ship says that the treasures it stole somehow couldn't be recovered. When the Gem of Compensation is brought to the Research Pod, it says the object is worth P2 Poko icon.png × 132,981. Upon hearing the fifth and sixth digits, Louie's eyes pop out in surprise at how an object can be so valuable. To note is that the Gem of Compensation's value depends on how many Pokos-worth of treasures were obtained over the course of the story, excluding those from the Titan Dweevil's weapons.


Yet again, after leaving PNF-404, the Hocotate Ship gives another warning. Another amethyst gate has disappeared, but this time in the first area, the Welcome Forest. The amethyst gate in particular was completely obscured by leaves, and there are now many more dangers around it than before. Down the path is a simple dirt wall, and beyond it is the final Pikmin species, the Original Pikmin, as well as their Light-Gray Onion. This was a shock to everyone, as Olimar stated that they were a long-extinct species, so the fact they were alive was surprising.

Game modes

Versus Mode

Main article: Pikmin 2... Again?/Versus Mode
Play online or with friends, with up to four players! – The description of the Versus Mode

It is similar to 2-Player Battle from Pikmin 2 but with some differences such as the addition of sublevels and the goal being to get more points to win and thus leave the cave. It also includes the President and the Cosmicaptain as a playable character.

There exists a variant of Versus Mode playable only in some Story Mode caves, wherein battles against the Cosmicaptain occur. The Cosmicaptain is later accompanied by what appears to be Louie's counterpart. The caves have only one sublevel, and function more as a competitive challenge than a dungeon, akin to Dandori Battles.

Timed Mode

Main article: Pikmin 2... Again?/Timed Mode
Take on various timed challenges with exclusive content! – The description of the Timed Mode

This game mode is similar to Challenge Mode in that the goal is to accomplish a particular goal as quickly as possible in a set time limit. The goals can be collecting treasures and nuggets, like defeating all enemies, getting 100 Pikmin, and much more. Danificritters, enemies exclusive to this mode, may appear in some stages, causing the timer to run down faster.

Another mode includes fighting variations of the Man-at-Legs and Blooming Sliturnip, based on Pikmin 2: Man-at-Legs Testing Facility. It is only unlocked after beating all normal stages. It also includes other difficulties, including "masochist", in which there are only Cursed Pikmin, and the King Candypop Buds only produce Cursed Pikmin.

No Exit, No End

Play in an endless cave, without exit. Go far with as many Pokos as you can get! – The description of the No Exit, No End

This endless-style game mode takes place in a cave that has no exit, or any end for that matter. Leaders only have ten Walking Golden Pikpik Carrots to start, and sublevels become increasingly more difficult with number, more and more difficult enemies and bosses appearing on them. If all Pikmin are lost, all leaders are downed, or else, the game will end and the total number of Pokos gathered to that point will be scored. All enemies appear in this game mode.


This is a sub-mode that can be enabled in most game modes. One player will control Olimar and the other Louie, though players can also select the President and the Cosmicaptain respectively if in Versus Mode or Painmin.

Another Story

Witness the story of another captain that fell on PNF-404 before Olimar and Louie's re-return. – The description of the Another Story

Another Story is a side story unlocked by completing the entire normal game. It is similar to Pikmin 1, having limited days and the goal of collecting ship parts, but as Pom rather than Olimar and including caves.


This game mode is a mode unlocked by completing the entire normal game. It is similar to the ultra-spicy difficulty from Pikmin 3 Deluxe, which adds even more difficulty to game, including:

  • Onion + Frown grenade: fewer seeds from corpses when brought to the Onion.
  • Monochromatic pellets: pellets give the least amount even if the color matches.
  • No upgrades: none of the upgrade-yielding treasures give an upgrade, except for the Jump Boots, which are required.
  • Half Pikmin: the on-field Pikmin limit is reduced to a horrific 50 instead of the usual 100.
  • Boulders: boulders randomly fall in caves.
  • Deadlier: hazards almost instantly kill Pikmin, making it almost impossible to save them without instant action. As well, frozen Pikmin will automatically shatter and die after 3.5 seconds. However, smoke remains non-lethal.
  • Gloom into doom: wither becomes an instant-kill hazard, turning it from harmless to deadly.
  • Doubled trouble: two leaders are added, the President and for some reason the Cosmicaptain. In challenges, the Cosmicaptain's usual role is taken by an even more mysterious green counterpart of them.

Cave Creator

Make your own playable caves. Be creative! – The description of the Cave Creator

This feature allows players to create their own playable caves, adding enemies, treasures, mechanics, and others.

Fun Mode

Enabled on Story Mode or Another Story after completing it 100% or on completed Timed Mode stages. The player will be able to do the following things with certain buttons if not near anything those are used for or things that will happen:

  • Switch A.png: spawns a Pikmin type or item.
  • SwitchPC Pad.png: pressing the left and right, the screen of Pikmin to spawn those buttons can be used to move to choose which type or item to spawn.
  • Rare-colored pellets: only in Story Mode and Another Story, pellet posies will now start to produce pellets of rare colors, even if more amount of Pikmin are carrying this pellet than the ones the color of the pellet, the Onion will always produce the seed of the color of the pellet.
  • Switch B.png: pressing this button for so long even after the whistle ends, the the sun meter will stop. Doing so again will cause the sun meter to progress as normal.


Main article: Pikmin 2... Again?/

Coming soon...



The Pikmin are one of the main protagonists of Pikmin 2... Again?. They are needed for a variety of tasks the leaders can't do. Alongside several returning Pikmin, 10 new types are introduced, the most of any mainline Pikmin game, totaling 21 Pikmin types, almost double the amount of Pikmin the official series had so far. The list below shows all Pikmin appearing:

  • Red Pikmin: immune to fire, great fighters.
  • Yellow Pikmin: flies high when thrown, great at digging, immune to electricity.
  • Blue Pikmin: immune to water, rescues drowning Pikmin.
  • Purple Pikmin: ten times stronger and heavier than other Pikmin types, creates a shockwave upon landing from a throw, immune to panic, wind, escapes faster from bubbles, lower attacking speed.
  • White Pikmin: fast, immune to poison, sees buried treasures, slightly good at digging, fast attack.
  • Bulbmin: ignored by enemies, has health, can't latch onto enemies, slow attack, slightly slower, high damage, doesn't die if left behind after sunset, rejected by candypop buds.
  • Rock Pikmin: can't latch onto enemies, high damage, immune to crushing, stabbing and hitting, breaks crystals.
  • Winged Pikmin: flies, lower damage, bad at digging, partially immune to crushing and pits, fast attack.
  • Ice Pikmin: slows enemies when attacking, freezes bodies of water around it, immune to ice, slippery, freezes bubbles on contact to pop them quickly them.
  • Glow Pikmin: flies, appears only at night and in caves, doesn't regress in maturity if knocked back (only at night), immune to fire, water, poison, electricity, and ice, wither, sand, and slime, form glowmobs and teleport (only at night), can't go out of caves, rejected by candypop buds.
  • Green Pikmin: longer stem, slow attack, bonus damage to vegetation, good at digging, and can fight dangerous vegetation, critical strike chance, can pull objects.
  • Brown Pikmin: glides when thrown, can dodge attacks, bonus damage to obstacles, clings onto walls.
  • Slime Pikmin: slimy, can pass through thin passages, slightly good at digging, lower damage, immune to slime.
  • Dark Pikmin: bad at digging, power increases with maturity, ultra-spicy spray effects focus on damage instead of speed, fly less far when thrown, immune to wither, sneaky.
  • Claw Pikmin: incredible at digging, can avoid being eaten once until recovering, dig routes and through harder materials, lower attacking speed, double hit, immune to sand.
  • Dart Pikmin: can be thrown in a straight line, high damage, can't latch onto enemies, don't have stems, can pop bubbles, slightly faster, weaker.
  • Mushroom Pikmin: Pikmin affected by the Puffstool's or Sporestool's spores, attack the leaders, is more of an enemy, and once a Pikmin is affected for the first time it triggers a cutscene like those when a Pikmin is affected by a hazard.
  • Original Pikmin: post-ending type, resistant to magic, has a carrying capacity of three, keeps away from enemies when idle.
  • Walking Golden Pikpik Carrot: strange, secret type gained by completing the game 100%, has no resistances, all average statistics.
  • Cursed Pikmin: exclusive to Timed Mode, all the worst statistics, can't carry most of the time.
  • Pikmite: mentioned.


  • Captain Olimar: the main protagonist of the previous games, Olimar is back on his journey to PNF-404.
  • Louie: accompanies Olimar on his trip back to PNF-404. He remains the same.
  • President: serves as a playable character only in some game modes.
  • Cosmicaptain: a mysterious entity and possible antagonist that seems to habit PNF-404, as well playable om some game modes.
  • Unknown commenter: an mysterious individual that writes notes for the Piklopedia.


  • Hocotate Ship: the main ship used, stores treasures, Pikmin and items.
  • Onion: the four kinds of Onion; red, yellow, blue and light-gray. They can merge into one into the Master Onion.



The Piklopedia and Treasure Hoard both return. The Piklopedia lists enemies, vegetation, Pikmin, and much more, while the Treasure Hoard only lists treasures.

Treasure Hoard

Main article: Pikmin 2... Again?/Upgrades

Upgrade perks are obtained from treasures.

Explorer's files

See: Pikmin 2... Again?/Explorer's files

Explorer's files are much like data files in that they provide useful tidbits of information.


Name Occurs
Oh Look! During a cutscene about a first encounter.
Bla-Bla-Bla During tutorial dialogue.
Oh No! When a hazard cutscene plays.
First Landing In Welcome Forest.
Serene Cave of Plants In Underground Greengarden.
Small Threat While fighting a miniboss.
Brawl and Throw While fighting a boss.
Lost Upon Pikmin extinction, all leaders being downed, or similar events.
Pik-min! During a Pikmin discovery cutscene.