Techno Progg

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Techno Progg
Family Shepik

The Techno Progg is a species of technological shepik.

User versions

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Gooeycow4's version

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Techno Progg The icon used to represent this enemy.
Techno Progg.jpg
Scientific name Unknown
Family Unknown
Areas Doom Factory
Carry weight 3
Max. carriers 6
Seed worth 100
Attacks Suffocates, disintegrates, attracts Pikmin, uproots sprouts, shoots lasers

The Techno Progg is one of the last bosses in Pikmin 5: Return. Being closely related to the Smoky Progg, it is a big frog-like creature with bright glowing eyes. Its magnetic body allows it not only to climb walls but also attract all Pikmin, except Purple Pikmin, towards itself to disintegrate them on contact. As a ranged attack, the Techno Progg can shoot lasers from its eyes.


Olimar's notes

This progg is a very unique species. I have observed that the metallic dust around it is magnetic, so unlike its relative, the smoky progg, it can stick to metal walls. Another intriguing discovery is that the powerful substance in this progg's eyes is explosoric acid, the same material in bomb rocks. Explosoric acid is very flammable and will shoot out of the techno progg's bright eyeholes. With all of the protection, the techno progg has a flaw: the dark froggish head has no armor. But how will I be able to get a Pikmin to stick on the magnetic walls without dying? I fear fighting this strange progg.

Louie's notes

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