The Intelligence

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Pikmin: Mysterious World
This article or section presents information pertaining to Pikmin: Mysterious World, a fanfiction created by the Pikmin Fanon community.

The Intelligence is a supernatural evil being in the story serial of Pikmin: Mysterious World. It seeks to dominate the Pikmin race, but its true target is the world, and it has a thousands-years-long master plan to achieve its goal. What the Intelligence intends to do after it conquers the Pikmin Planet is unknown. It has a generally cruel personality but can show mercy.



The Intelligence appeared as a merger of the evil auras all vying to control the planet. With each aura came a different consciousness, and with the merging of the auras, the being gained a supreme intelligence of the planet; hence the name "the Intelligence". Following its creation, it set into motion its ancient plan to slowly but surely dominate the world. However, as it only knew the planet, it did not consider extraterrestrial threats to its plan; therefore, its plan contained flaws. Fortunately for the Intelligence, none of these threats appeared until Olimar incidentally crashed on the Pikmins' planet. Olimar revived the Pikmin species, a powerful race of creatures fighting against the Intelligence to bring peace to the world. The Pikmin were defeated recently by its forces, but with the Pikmins' return, they are now fighting more actively than ever.


The Intelligence was made aware of the radio the Pikmin obtained. As such, it sent a Spotty Bulbear after the Pikmin, yet the Pikmin managed to get away. Then, Olimar's son, Sagittarius, came to the Pikmin Planet to aid the Pikmin in their quest to fight against the Intelligence. When the bulbear reported back, the Intelligence was aggravated, yet decided to give the frightened bulbear another chance. It warned the bulbear, however, that should it fail to acquire the radio again, it would be killed. The bulbear brought two Gatling Groinks along to help catch the Pikmin. The groinks were defeated, and bulbear was petrified using ultra-bitter essence and shattered apart, and presumed to have died. A Breadbug brought back one of the dead groinks and the groink soon reanimated to inform the Intelligence of what happened. It was during this that the Intelligence learned of Sagittarius, who was mistakenly believed to be a large Pikmin. The Intelligence ordered that the Ancient One be summoned to kill the Pikmin.