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Spritist's Team
List of all current Members

If you wish to join the Spritist's Team, please send a request to one of the Founders.


Founders and Co. Founders

Spritist's Team's Purpose

The purpose of the Spritist's Team to create sprites for those who need them. The four current members will be able to help anyone in need of sprites of any kind. When contacting a user for sprites, please ask whichever user was most recently active on the Pikmin Fanon.

What are Sprites, Spriters, and Pixels?

A sprite, as Wikipedia describes it, is "a two-dimensional image or animation that is integrated into a larger scene." This means everything visible in a video game is a sprite. A spriter is a person who creates sprites. The spriter uses a paint program such as and copies the game's sprites pixel by pixel. The spriters then store their creation in a digital folder or flash drive. The spriter may even choose to later share their project on a sprite-sharing website such as The Spriter's Resource. If there are no sprites displayed on such a site for an existing video game, the spriter may create that particular set of sprites. Users may also create custom sprites based on a video game that lack them, such as a three-dimensional video game that uses models instead of sprites. A pixel is a tiny dot on a screen that makes up not just text or images, but everything that is displayed on a screen.