Wandering Canyons

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Pikmin: Secret of the Earth
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The Wandering Canyons is an area in Pikmin: Secret of the Earth. It is a series of pathways through fissures in the Earth's surface whose roads eventually lead towards several areas, depending on the route you choose. It is first entered through its southern entrance at the Central Desert. The Wandering Canyons themselves are relatively devoid of plant life, but some things may grow in the shadier parts of this region. Always be on the lookout for falling boulders and possible enemy ambushes from the high walls above. Although there is no obvious way into other areas from the Wandering Canyons at first, more paths become clear over time. The Distant Wetland can be reached by taking a secret path behind a waterfall in the canyon, and a previously unreachable area of the Northeastern Coast can also be reached if you find the right way through this region's caves.

Key sections

  • Low Roads
  • High Roads
  • Oasis
  • Canyon Caverns
  • Roost Plateau